Over the years, Dancing with the Stars contestants have worked through countless hours of grueling routines to perfect performances that must be spot-on in front of the judges. Due to the strenuous pace of many of the routines, as well as the length of the practices, many celebrities—most notably Kirstie Alley—have sweated off a few pounds during their tenure on the show. Unfortunately, Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson doesn’t seem to be having the same sort of luck.

The former Olympic athlete recently spoke to People after a workout to discuss her training for the show. If you think dancing is difficult, the pint-sized celebrity accomplishes workouts before her workouts.
"I train before [dance] rehearsals. I have a Nike trainer I work with every day, one or two hours before I rehearse."

The athlete has been working out in the same general patterns for so many years and her fitness routines are so strict, it’s no surprise she would have more trouble losing weight than some of her opponents. I’m sure varying her workouts with the dancing has helped her body shake things up a little, but even though she isn’t dropping weight quickly, she doesn’t seem particularly concerned.
"Especially coming from Olympic training, I'm used to seven hours a day of the hardest workouts, so it takes more. It's not like the others who are like, 'Oh, I lost 13 pounds in two days.' "

Still, the 20-year-old has a fit and trim figure, and she’s really been working it on the Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars dance floor. Pop Blend would like to wish her the best as she moves forward in the competition, and maybe eventually drops a pound or two, as well (not that she needs it).

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