Shocker: LeAnn Rimes Is At War Again, This Time With Her Dentist

Between her wars on Twitter with overly opinionated fans, her anxiety issues and her well-publicized battles with Brandi Glanville, you would think LeAnn Rimes would want a break from constantly fighting. You would think she would be so zapped of emotional energy she would choose peace and quiet, but apparently, she’s got room on her plate for more bickering.

According to TMZ, Rimes filed a lawsuit against her longtime dentist this week. Over the last three years, Dr. Duane C McKay did quite a bit of work on the singer’s teeth, but if Rimes is to be believed, he made several mistakes that caused “permanent cosmetic deficiency”. As you can tell in the above picture, Rimes’ teeth actually look nice, but there’s allegedly a lot of pain in there somewhere that forced her to cancel quite a few concerts and caused quite a bit of mental anguish.

Rimes hasn’t publically announced how much money she thinks the pain and suffering should net her, but since she’s asking for past and future lost earnings and physical and psychiatric restitution, we’re likely talking about a figure in the millions of dollars.

None of us have any idea how much pain Rimes has been in or whether this dentist really screwed up, but given her history of blowing everything out of proportion, it’s probably better to wait for the evidence before making a judgment either way.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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