Should Demi Moore Be Proud Or Embarrassed About Her New Relationship?

Demi Moore was spotted out and about with her rumored new boyfriend Vito Schnabel last night at a Chanel-sponsored party in Miami, and by all accounts, she was having a really good time. She reportedly danced quite a bit, mingled with some of her fellow celebrities and made out in front of numerous people with the twenty-six-year-old Schnabel.

The last fifteen months or so haven’t exactly been the easiest of Moore’s life. Her husband Ashton Kutcher cheated on her in an extremely public way, and following their separation, she had to be rushed to the hospital after allegedly experimenting with Whip-Its. A stint in rehab came next, as well as numerous rumors that she was having trouble dealing with the fact that Ashton had moved on with Mila Kunis. Those closest to her reportedly encouraged her to put herself back out there, but now that she has, many are wondering whether she’s thinking clearly.

At fifty-years-old, she’s nearly twice Schnabel’s age and as a woman who recently left rehab, it might not be the best policy for her to be attending numerous social events. In fact, she and her rumored new man are supposedly planning to attend a party in South Beach tonight sponsored by Dom Perignon. That doesn’t sound like awesome decision-making, but then again, as a woman with plenty of money in the bank and a husband who is out doing his own thing, maybe flaunting what she’s got really is the best way for her to get over Ashton and get into a positive mental state. Maybe acting younger than her age is actually a good thing.

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