So, Bill Murray, Aaron Paul And Rob Thomas All Hung Out Last Night

We all like seeing celebrities. All of us. Last night I was picking up takeout food in Los Feliz when I saw Rider Strong, as in the Rider Strong from Boy Meets World, and it made my night like four percent better. I don’t know why. There’s no scientific reason why seeing Sean Hunter should improve my spirits, but it sure as hell did. Aaron Paul gets my drift. He was at a Kings of Leon concert last night when he just so happened to spot Bill Murray hanging out directly behind him. And that has to be commented on. You can’t just see one of the greatest comedians in the history of Hollywood and not tell people, even if you’re a brilliant actor in your own right. That would be blasphemy. Bill-phemy? Sure, it would be Bill-phemy.

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Here’s the truly weird part though. Paul and Murray actually weren’t the only people inside the VIP section. Matchbox 20 lead singer and solo artist Rob Thomas was also hanging out because everyone loves the guys from Kings Of Leon, apparently, except maybe the guys from Kings of Leon. Not surprisingly, Thomas was pretty stoked about seeing the Breaking Bad star and the comedy legend too. So, he did what any reasonable person would do and got both of them into a picture…

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Apparently, the men had a pretty good time all hanging out together because Thomas felt the need to issue a follow-up tweet to let his fans know just how cool Paul was during their surprise evening. But then again, who wouldn’t rave about getting to hang out with Jesse Pinkman?

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Long story short, if you’re interested in hanging out with celebrities, you really need to start listening to Kings of Leon. Then, in part two of this plan, you need to weasel your way into the VIP section. It’ll probably take a whole lot of work, but to BS with Murray, Paul and Thomas, the hassle will definitely be worth it.

Mack Rawden
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