Starbucks Barista Responds To Alec Baldwin's Angry Tweet

Alec Baldwin is famous for a lot of things in this world - his talent as an actor, his handsome looks, his "Schweddy Balls", and his inability to keep his mouth shut in any given situation. In this case, we're looking at a tweet he posted earlier this week, calling out a Starbucks barista on his bad attitude. The 53-year-old actor tweeted, "Starbucks on 93 and B'way. Uptight Queen barista named JAY has an attitude problem."

Automatically upon seeing this tweet I just loved him even more than I already do. I mean, come on. What is Twitter for if not to publicly embarrass people? While most celebrity twitter pages are boring, Baldwin never fails me. I can always count on a joke about Steve Martin or a hilarious dig at some politician on his page, and that's what I want out of a celebrity twitter. Cause honestly, @KimKardashian, I don't care that you are once again out tanning and shopping. I really don't.

Apparently not everyone is the Alec Baldwin fan that I am. Another barista working at the aforementioned Starbucks that day has come forward to say that his co-worker wasn't the problem - Baldwin was. Check out his assessment of the situation:

"I was here when it happened -- it was really just him being an asshole. He was very rude and disrespectful and arrogant. He’s probably the rudest guy I’ve ever met. [The barista] didn’t do anything wrong; it was all that dude just being psycho. I saw a thing on ‘E’ a little while ago, and it was talking about how crazy he was. They were right.”

Yikes. Psycho? For the record, I myself have met Baldwin a few times and found him delightful. Starbucks baristas, though, are the people that provide me with the coffee I very desperately need, so I love them dearly as well. It's hard to pick a side here. Of course, Baldwin has been known to lose his temper in the past, but if a really famous actor was "being psycho" in a busy area of New York City, I feel as though attention would have been drawn to that situation.

Baldwin seems to be handling the ordeal well. Instead of sending a nasty response the barista's way, he simply made a phone call to the Starbucks' corporate offices and spoke to the regional manager, Rick Coleman. Furthermore, the 30 Rock star's rep claims his multi-award winning client has no plans to stop buying his coffee from the popular chain, saying, “Starbucks is a great company. Unfortunately, not all of their employees can live up to their high standards.”