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Taylor Swift Reportedly Buying Home Near Kennedy Family

Taylor Swift is reportedly purchasing a new home. Ordinarily, I’m in favor of a celebrity buying a second piece of property he or she can easily afford. It’s a better use of money than a car collection or rampant partying, and it’s a good way to create a space for relaxation. Unfortunately, the home in question here is in Hyannisport, which, of course, is where the Kennedy’s famously live.

In recent weeks, Swift has been linked to Robert F Kennedy Jr’s eighteen-year-old son Conor. The two are reportedly now officially dating, which is extremely cute until you factor in this whole rumored house-buying thing. According to Boston’s NBC, whispers all over Cape Cod indicate Swift is in the process of securing a thirteen-room home for just under five million dollars. The house is supposedly right down the street from Conor’s grandmother Ethel.

I get wanting to spend as much time as possible with someone you’ve just started dating. Hell, I even get relocating to another city after a long period of dating, but buying a house in a small community for almost five million dollars to spend time with someone you’ve only recently started hanging out with is a bit nuts. Worse, it seems like a terrible trap that could keep one in a relationship that isn’t working. Other than having a child, I can’t think of any bigger of an incentive to make a failing romance work than a recently purchased home.

Swift has yet to confirm the sale is legit; so, until she does, this potential mortgage should be treated as a rumor.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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