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Twenty-two-year-old Taylor Swift might be best known for her music, but it turns out she’s a pretty good businesswoman too. Just months after winning the title of top-earning musician, the singer has been picked as the highest earning celebrity under thirty. Between May of 2011 and May of 2012, Swift reportedly raked in $57 million thanks to lucrative concerts, endorsement deals, album sales and royalties. Of course, her talent and connection with fans are most responsible for that crazy haul, but the power of negotiating good contracts and carefully choosing venues also played a role.

Just behind Swift in second place on Forbes' list was Justin Bieber. He made just two million dollars less than the pop princess and generated most of his income the same way she did, plus threw in a few savvy investments in Spotify, Tinychat and Stamped.

Rounding out the top five for highest earning celebs under thirty were Rihanna ($53 million), Lady Gaga ($52 million) and Katy Perry ($45 million). Music might be a tough profession to grind out a living at, but for those on top, this list proves how lucrative the field can be compared to other artistic mediums, at least apart from sports.

Forbes made the decision to keep athletes off the list this year, and of course, that clearly affected the outcome and the top five. Heat star Lebron James came in third last year, and given his salary and lucrative endorsement deals, he likely would have been just as high this year.

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