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Teen Mom Amber Portwood Sentenced To 5 Years In Jail

After another of many brushes with the law, Teen Mom star Amber Portwood signed a plea agreement specifying she’d either complete a court-ordered drug treatment program or be sentenced to five years in jail. Last month, she appeared for her progress report and shocked everyone by going on an ill-advised rant, claiming she’d never bothered attempting to get off drugs and the judge might as well send her to prison. Early indications were he’d do just that, and earlier today, it was made official.

According to TMZ, Portwood’s five-year sentence has been reissued. While inside, she’ll be forced to undergo yet another drug rehab program, which assumedly, should work better given she’ll be monitored twenty-four hours a day. Her lawyer reportedly asked for the court to go easy on his client, but given her own words, there was little hope for leniency.

The public has long had a morbid fascination with watching celebrities fall from grace, but since a child is involved in this case, it’s a whole lot sadder. History tells us Portwood will learn nothing from her latest trouble with the law, but it’s still worth hoping this is finally the swift kick in the ass she needs to choose sobriety over partying.

Pop Blend’s thoughts go out to Portwood’s family who will be forced to carry the burden for at least the next few years while she’s working out her personal demons.

Mack Rawden

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