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Twilight: Do You Think The Studio Will Eventually Make More Movies?

Over the weekend, Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 grossed more than one hundred and forty million dollars. Combined with its overseas totals, the final installment in the franchise has already passed three hundred million, and by the end of its run, it should gross at least twice as much as that. Altogether, it will push the series’ total haul near three billion dollars.

During a recent promotional press conference, author Stephenie Meyer made it clear she’s not planning to write any more novels in the series but is unwilling to say she’ll never go there again. All of the marketing for the film has pointed to it being the final chapter in the story, and none of the cast members are signed on to do any more films. That being said, given how lucrative the movies have been, it seems likely Summit/ Lions Gate may want to go back to the well at some point. Even if Edward and Bella aren’t involved, the universe is rich enough to potentially tell other stories either about the Volturi or some of the characters on the periphery.

Right now, there are absolutely no plans to make a new movie, but a few years from now, it wouldn’t be a surprise if something changed. What do you think? Will be there be more Twilight movies? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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