Was Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Really The Worst Movie Of 2012?

Earlier this weekend, the thirty-third annual Razzie Awards announced this year’s big winners, and no film was more honored, or slandered, than The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2. The popular conclusion won seven Razzies for cinematic failure including Worst Picture, World Supporting Actor (Taylor Lautner) and worst on-screen couple (Taylor Lautner and Mackenzie Foy).

Over the last half decade or so, the Twilight Saga has received numerous Razzie nominations, but until now, it’s only taken home one award, for Jackson Rathbone’s acting. This year, all of the lingering animosity and annoyance with the franchise exploded among voters and pushed Part 2 onto a short list of most vilified movies in Razzie history.

Not surprisingly, fans of the franchise aren’t exactly pleased with today’s developments, but more interestingly, some casual observers are crying foul too. Compared with the other movies in the franchise Breaking Dawn Part 2 was actually reviewed pretty positively (48% on Rotten Tomatoes). A strong case could be made that the primary actors improved acting wise over the course of the films, and on the whole, the target demographic really enjoyed it. Therefore, it seems a little odd to award it Worst Picture when compared against movies like The Oogieloves, A Thousand Words and That’s My Boy.

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