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Earlier tonight, twenty thousand odd amped up Boston residents descended on the TD Garden to congregate for the first time since Monday’s deadly bombing. Ordinarily, whenever the Bruins play the Buffalo Sabres, there’s an electricity that goes through the crowd related to how much the teams hate each other. Today, however, it was different. Assembling en mass for the first time since the tragedy, the fans were as hyped up as they’ve ever been, and that showed during the singing of the National Anthem.

The always brilliant Rene Rancourt started the song off, but eventually, he turned the microphone over to the those in attendance who did not disappoint. As you can see in the above video, every single last person in the crowd sang like a bird, producing an incredible and patriotic atmosphere reminiscent of sporting events in Canada.

Over the past few days, emotion has come pouring out from a lot of different places, much of which has been quite beautiful. There’s something about this group sing-a-long, however, that really tells the story in a way a speech or an essay never could.

This week, we’re all Bostonians, whether we’re Bruins fans or not.