Watch 50 Cent Spoof Maleficent In 'Malefiftycent' On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Those who've seen Maleficent may have a hard time trying to picture the live-action Disney film starring anyone other than Angelina Jolie as the title role. Jimmy Kimmel Live's "Malefiftycent" parody creates a pretty vivid mental picture, however, as it puts Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson in the starring role. In his efforts to portray a fearless villain, I'd say he nails it. The parody video, is actually pretty funny. And 50 Cent really puts his all into the performance...


The "Malefiftycent" video shows off Jackson's sense of humor, which we saw demonstrated well enough pretty recently in the smile on his face after he through that awkward first pitch at the Mets game late last month. Jackson actually spoke to Jimmy Kimmel about that during his visit on JKL, and it seems like he's still up for seeing the humor in the whole situation.

In terms of his work, Curtis Jackson's kind of everywhere these days. His new album Animal Ambition: An Untamed Desire to Win (opens in new tab) just arrived. And then there's his small screen work, as he's among the executive producers for Starz's new drama series Power, which premieres tomorrow night. Read our review for the promising new series here.

As for Maleficent, the film, which arrived in theaters domestically last weekend, is doing well, with a domestic box office gross that's surpassed $88 million, and an international box office total that's close to $142 million. This weekend should contribute to that on both fronts, especially as it arrives in more overseas markets.

Kelly West
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