Anyone who watches Today on a regular basis knows there’s no controlling Al Roker. The loveable weatherman basically says whatever it is he wants to at any given time. He’s completely secure about both his job and himself, and apparently, that openness and freedom extend onto other shows beyond Today too.

Appearing on a Nightline segment last night, Roker got to talking about gastric bypass surgery and more importantly, about the time he broke his dietary restrictions about a month after the surgery and wound up shitting his pants at the White House. You can watch the meteorologist tell the story below…

It’s a good thing Al has so much experience dealing with famous people and being inside important places. I’m not sure most of us could have calmly made our way to the bathroom, disposed of our underwear and had the balls to actually stay and go commando like Roker. That’s actually a pretty impressive feat of determination and resiliency.

That being said, I do hope this is the last time I hear any stories about loose bowels after gastric bypass surgery. I’m not saying the crass tales aren’t funny, but now that I’ve heard one of them, I kinda feel like I’ve heard them all. Besides, no shitting your pants story can possibly top doing so at the White House. Sorry, 6-year-old at his T-ball game.

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