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If you're in search of a funny video that captures your glee over President Obama's election victory, perhaps hearing the president rapping (kind of) MC Hammer's hit song "U Can't Touch This" will do the trick. Throw on a pair of Hammer pants and check out this amusing video.

The video below comes from BaracksDubs and was posted this week as an "Election Special." It dubs the President's voice from various speeches, bringing the words together to match the lyrics of MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This."

Given the President's success in winning a second term, this seems as good an anthem as any to celebrate the victory through clever dubbing. It's edited well and I especially love the snippets of unimpressed audience members around the middle of the song. Some people just don't appreciate early-90s rap music, I guess.

If you liked the above video, check out some of BaraksDubs YouTube channel here for the rest of the collection. I'm also a big fan of the Romney/Obama Epic Rap Battle. You can check that one out here.