As a society, we might prefer tact over inappropriate bluntness, but there’s something about an overly honest elderly man that we collectively find charming. At least that’s what Oscar Mayer was banking on when it partnered with ad agency McGarrybowen to create the above commercial to publicize its new Deli Fresh Clear Packs.

Luckily for the beloved brand, famous for its Wienermobile, the plan seems to have worked. Over the last week or so, the commercial has been viewed more than thirty thousand times, which might not be as impressive as Pepsi Max’s Jeff Gordon spot or Will Ferrell’s Old Milwaukee goofiness, but is still a pretty impressive feat considering there are no stars of consequence in the video.

As for the basic conceit behind the spot, comparing telling it like it is to seeing it how it is, it’s actually pretty brilliant, far better than anything either of the teams came up with for Crystal Light on Celebrity Apprentice. Were I even remotely excited about lunch meat, I might actually give it a whirl. As it stands, however, I’ll continue to admire it far afar.

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