Watch This Dude Stereotype Every NBA Team's Fans In 3 Minutes

From loud, obnoxious Boston Celtic enthusiasts to self-centered Los Angeles Lakers supporters, fanbases are among the last groups we openly allow people to recklessly disparage with offensive generalizations, and I must say, I think condoning such broad hatred is a whole lot of fun. We get to choose which teams we want to support, and if someone is stupid enough to root for the Miami Heat, the rest of us should be allowed to make assumptions about his or her intelligence levels and/ or moral character, provided it never leads to violence.

Apparently, the nice people over at the NOC agree too. They put together a video mocking every stereotypical NBA fan from each team, and some of their choices are both spot-on and hilarious. Take a look at the video below…

The great thing about this video is how astute many of the comments are. I kind of like the Mavericks. Consequently, when I watch this, I think “Dirk is experienced!”, and since my favorite team is the Bulls, I must admit every time I get into basketball arguments, I cheaply use MJ as a trump card rather than admitting the team we have assembled now isn't quite good enough.

Even though I know nothing about the people who live in Phoenix, I love the Suns guy who is so mad about Steve Nash leaving he might drive the wrong way around his cul-de-sac, and since I do know a bit about the loveable, aggressive d-bags who live in Philly, I love the 76ers dude who cheers opposing players getting injured and supports littering. Based on your own biases, I'm sure you have your own favorites too.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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