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Watch Matt Lauer And Psy Do The Gentleman Dance

Matt Lauer is busy trying to work his way back into public popularity and there’s really no better way to accomplish this than by being chummy with the ever-popular cult phenomenon, Psy. The South Korean singer joined the Today Show for a second time on Friday and Lauer came out of his shell and did something he almost never does and vowed he wouldn’t do when Psy hit the set: He danced.

Several members of the Today show staff join Psy on the show’s outdoor stage this time around in order to learn the brand new dance for the singer’s second worldwide hit, “Gentleman.” Psy is pretty good about teaching everyone the steps, but it’s Lauer who seriously shines with the moves. Honestly, I’m not sure if Lauer got in a little practice ahead of time, but his version of Psy’s “Gentleman” dance is hilarious, especially when he’s working the hip thrusts.

Around the time Psy showed up on the set to perform “Gangnam Style,” Lauer told Leno he hadn’t danced in 17 years and wasn’t about to change that hot fact just because Psy was visiting the set. This time around, the man saw dancing as a little more necessary and even thanked the singer via Twitter after the event.

“Thanks to [Psy] for teaching me a few moves. A fun morning that had entire plaza moving! Come back soon.”

Hey, whatever gets him back into the Today watchers’ and NBC officials’ good graces following the Anne Curry fiasco, right?

Jessica Rawden

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