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Watch Olivia Munn Interrupt Taylor Swift At People's Choice Awards

If there's a list of the most awkward and bizarre award acceptance moments in TV history, Taylor Swift's MTV Video Music Awards acceptance speech, which was interrupted by Kanye West, a few years back would have to be on there somewhere. The memorable moment from the 2009 VMAs is still relevant enough to be referenced in recent awards shows, as demonstrated by Olivia Munn at The People's Choice Awards last night.

Via CNN, Taylor Swift won the People's Choice Award for Favorite Country Artist last night. When she stepped up onto the stage - to very un-country-sounding but extremely catchy pop song "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," it's worth noting - presenter Olivia Munn (Magic Mike, The Newsroom) began the bit by pouting and barely accepting Swift's hug. And that's just the beginning of her interactions with Swift. Watch the video ahead...

After giving Swift her award and the opportunity to thank her first, Munn wasn't quite ready to give up the spotlight, promptly snatching the award away from Swift before she could begin her speech. Swift recognized the joke, saying "This always happens." As funny as her little add-in was, considering it shows she has a sense of humor about the unforgotten VMAs incident, it does make me wonder how often people really do humorously interrupt her, and whether she'll ever be able to accept an award without people recalling the look of confusion and surprise on her face when Kanye took the microphone away from her.

In related news, Swift's dress is amazing.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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