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Watch These Young Tiger Cubs Explore Their World

Octomom might have plenty of trying moments raising her brood of children, but at least her backyard isn’t filled with creatures that would love nothing more than to eat her children. That’s exactly the position mother tigers are in after their cubs are born, however, which is why it’s historically been really hard to get footage of the young animals. They spend most of their time hidden away from view in order to maximize their chances of survival.

Fortunately or unfortunately for the cubs in this following video, they did not get that overly protective memo and spent a recent afternoon exploring parts of the Indian Jungle. Their mother wasn’t too pleased about the excursion, and cameamen for the BBC were able to capture the whole thing. Take a look at the adorable footage below…

The above video was posted by BBC Earth’s YouTube account earlier this week. If all involved are able to play their cards right, they may be able to track all four of these cubs during their early months and years, which would offer great insight into behavior in the world.

Here’s to hoping we get plenty more of these clips over the next few months and that all four of these little tigers defy the odds and make it to adulthood.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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