What Johnny Depp's Exes Think Of The Abuse Allegations

This past week Johnny Depp was accused by his wife Amber Heard of being violent and abusive during their brief fifteen month marriage. She filed for divorce and asked a judge to grant her a temporary restraining order against the legendary movie star. In the days since the allegation first went public, those close to the couple have started speaking out, including both of Johnny Depp’s major exes, and they each seem to be telling a very similar story.

The two exes in question are longtime partner and mother to his children Vanessa Paradis and his first wife Lori Anne Allison. Neither of the two women might be with the legendary actor anymore, but they are both vehemently defending him from the allegations. In fact, each has gone public with statements of support.

Vanessa Paradis, who was with Depp from 1998 to 2012, gave her support in the form of a letter. Here’s an excerpt, courtesy of TMZ

"In all the years I have known Johnny, he has never been physically abusive with me and this looks nothing like the man I lived with for 14 wonderful years."

Her basic statement that she never experienced any issues while she was with the star gels very nicely with everything Lori Anne Allison has been saying. She was married to Johnny Depp from 1983 to 1985, and not only does she deny any abuse happened during the entirety of their relationship, Allison claims he never even screamed. He apparently was just a very soft and loving person who took great care of their dog.

The primary domestic violence incident in question allegedly happened last week, shortly after Johnny Depp’s mother died. Following some kind of confrontation, the actor allegedly struck Amber Heard with an iPhone, leaving a bruise on her cheek. Others who were there that night have pointed the finger at the actress for what happened, claiming she previously admitted she would do whatever needed to be done to take the high ground in the impending divorce. The truth is no one outside of the couple knows exactly what went down. Something did happen, but exactly what it was or who was actually responsible, we may never know.

Whether the parties involved want it to or not, the divorce proceedings are very likely to continue playing out in the public eye. Hopefully, whatever happens will bring some resolution to the relationship and everyone involved will peacefully move on with their lives, with at least some memory that at one point, things were a lot better.

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