Whoops! Watch This News Anchor Draw A Penis

Giving television personalities the ability to draw on the screen has made explaining things a whole lot easier. Unfortunately, the technology has also exponentially increased the likelihood inappropriate graphics will mistakenly be drawn. For hysterical evidence of that, look no further than the above video.

The woman in question is ABC news reporter Siobhan Riley. She works for the local affiliate in central Michigan, and as you can tell, she typically does the traffic. Earlier this week, she was on the air trying to explain the flow of traffic when her graphic got a whole lot more phallic than she intended. In fact, with the exception of only having half of a ball, her picture is a pretty damn good drawing of an elongated penis.

It’s easy to poke fun at local news goofiness. From poor stock footage choices to ill-advised f-bombs to awkward segments, there’s a whole lot that can conceivably go wrong, and since there are hundreds of local news stations putting on shows every single night, chances are there’s at least one notable failure. Once upon a time, these mishaps would have just flown by without a whole lot of double takes, but now that many people have ways to upload footage onto the Internet, the local news doesn’t always stay quite so local.

Take the clip below as an example. There are two reporters in Philadelphia who hate each other. Their animosity comes through quite frequently, and apparently, it’s been a running joke among local viewers for quite a bit. Thanks to the advent of the Internet and the compression of the world, however, a highlight reel of the two’s mean-spirited exchanges has been viewed almost three million times. Moving forward, the highlight reel will probably wind up getting longer too if these reporters wind up continuing to serve on the same show for a whole lot longer.

So, if you’re looking for something to do and want a pretty good laugh, feel free to check out the following video. It features a former Miss Pennsylvania and her arch-nemesis, the local weather woman who refuses to laugh at her puns…

Mack Rawden
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