Billie Lourd Posts Heartfelt Message About Her Mom Carrie Fisher On The Late Actress’ Birthday

Billie Lourd and Carrie Fisher
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It’s been almost six years since we lost Carrie Fisher. The actress was the daughter of Debbie Reynolds and the mother of Billie Lourd, truly a legendary family of actresses. Today would be Fisher’s 66th birthday, and to honor her late mother Lourd posted a heartfelt and raw tribute to the Star Wars actress.

Lourd wrote about struggling with grief and how it’s OK to not feel OK. She sent love out to anyone who has ever experienced grief, and she posted an adorable photo of her with her mom. 

Losing someone, especially a parent is never easy. I think a lot of people, myself included, can relate to what Lourd wrote about in her caption. Her mother and grandmother were incredibly loved actresses, and now Lourd is as well, and to see her pay tribute to her family and those who are going through something similar is heartwarming. 

Along with the actress’s post, many of her famous friends commented their love for her and her mom, including Kaitlyn Dever. Lourd was part of the critically acclaimed Booksmart cast with Dever, and the two will share the screen again in one of the rom-coms on the 2022 movie schedule Ticket to Paradise. She posted:

❤️ I love you Billie ❤️

Lily Collins also commented, pointing out how sweet and free Lourd is, just like her mom: 

Sending nothing but love and light your way you sweet effervescent human ❤️

It’s clear how much everyone really loves and cares about Fisher, from her Star Wars co-stars like Mark Hamill to her family members. It’s especially nice to see how meaningful her relationship was with her daughter. While Lourd has been very open about how difficult the grief of losing a parent is, she’s also been super open about her love for her mom, and just how funny Fisher was. She’s been open about the lessons she learned from her mom, both good and bad, specifically mentioning their shared sense of humor.

Lourd now has a little one of her own, and it’s clear her mother’s legacy still lives on in their family. The Booksmart actress is teaching her child the ways of the force, as she posted an adorable photo of her baby watching his grandma as Princess Leia in Star Wars with a knitted cap that resembles his grandma's fabulous buns. It's so cute to see him watching his grandma in a role that defined a generation, and gave so many girls and women such a great role model. 

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost six years since Carrie Fisher passed away. However, Lourd has made sure that her legacy lives on through her own work, and by posting about her mom's. To watch the absolutely incredible late actress in her signature role, you can check out Fisher as Leia by watching the Star Wars movies in order with a Disney+ subscription. You can also watch her equally talented daughter in Ticket to Paradise in theaters on October 21. 

Riley Utley
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