Daisy Ridley Shared New Lucasfilm Post Then Had To Respond After The Fandom Freaked Out

There are beloved movie franchises, and then there's Star Wars. Generations of moviegoers were brought up on the galaxy far, far away, so the fandom is large, powerful, and (above else) vocal. And those fans recently freaked out about the idea of Daisy Ridley returning as Rey, thanks to the actress' posts from Lucasfilm. And the chatter got so loud that she had to respond, thanks to accidenally breaking the internet.

Daisy Ridley went viral among Star Wars fans thanks to recent posts on her Instagram Story. The 30 year-old recently went to Lucasfilm, offering a glimpse at her experience with a statue of Yoda. This quickly got fans into a frenzy, as folks theorized whether she might be back as Rey in a movie, TV show, or even video game. Check out the post below:

Daisy Ridley's yoda Instagram Story post

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This simple image got Star Wars fans very excited, many of whom sounded off online. Rumors about how Daisy Ridley might reprise her signature role began rolling around, as folks are eager to see Rey back on the screen. Luckily for us, those who visit Disney parks are treated to additional content in the form of Galaxy's Edge attractions like Rise of the Resistance. Still, some fans are already eager to see the sequel trilogy characters return in one way or another. 

Eventually Daisy Ridley seemingly was alerted to the fan reaction that she accidentally inspired online. And as such, she eventually set the record straight, revealing that she was merely visiting Lucasfilm for lunch. She used a throwback with the cast of The Rise of Skywalker, while offering her explanation. Check it out below,

Daisy Ridley's Instagram Story clarification

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Well, there you have it. While some Star Wars fans were getting hyped about seeing Rey back on the screen, there doesn't seem to actually be any plans for this. Daisy Ridley promises nothing "saucy" was happening at her recent visit to Lucasfilm, despite any online chatter. Do you hear that sound? It's various fans letting out a sigh of disappointment.

The above post from Daisy Ridley's Instagram Story helped to set the record straight on her rumored return as Rey in the Star Wars universe. The Rise of Skywalker only hit theaters back in 2019, so that would have been a surprisingly quick return for the Murder on the Orient Express actress. But despite this, folks starting sharing excitement online. Case in point, the following Twitter post:

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While there are plenty of fans who want to see more from the sequel trilogy characters, it's unclear if/when we'll ever seen the likes of Rey, Finn, and Poe. The trio of actors made it seem like they needed a break after the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, which is understandable considering the quick pace of their three movies. It's also unclear when the franchise will return to theaters, as a number of projects have been announced but no major steps forward have taken place. And as such, actors like Daisy Ridley might be getting that much-needed break for the foreseeable future.

While it's a mystery as to when another Star Wars movie is hitting theaters, the franchise continues to expand with live-action shows on Disney+. In the meantime, check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your trips to the movies in the New Year. Unfortunately there's no titles from the galaxy far, far away.

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