Mark Hamill Is Tickled Pink By Viral Annoying Darth Vader Video

Darth Vader speaking with Imperial officer in The Empire Strikes Back
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While there are millions of fans of Star Wars I’m not sure anybody has quite as much fun with it as Mark Hamill. While he’ll always be Luke Skywalker to a couple of generations of people, many of whom take the franchise very seriously, he’s never shy about just having fun with Star Wars when he sees something funny. And he’s having a good laugh at a viral video that’s making the rounds.

Simply entitled Darth Vader being a jerk, the video is a few years old, but whether it’s actually new to Mark Hamill or not, he recently shared it with his followers on Twitter, and based on all the laughing emojis, it’s working pretty well for him. 

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The video has been around for a while but like most viral videos it has its moments of resurgence, and Mark Hamill may have just boosted this one.for a few days at least.

The video takes a scene from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back where Vader’s big black pod, that he apparently hangs out in, is opening up so that he can get a report from one of his lieutenants. However, in this version, rather than simply opening up and getting the report, he keeps opening and closing the pod, causing the soldier to stop mid-sentence again and again. Check it out.

It’s a pretty hilarious edit that even includes a shot that works very well to show an exasperated Imperial officer who just wants to give a report, but his boss is being a dick. The original video is several years old but is no longer on YouTube, so this HD update is the next best thing.

Considering this video has been around for a while and has popped up before, there’s a good chance you’ve seen it before. I had, but it’s still really funny so I’m glad Mark Hamill is drawing attention to it again, this is a laugh you could probably really use. 

It's quite well edited together so that it really does feel like the officer has to stop talking every time Vader decides he doesn’t want to listen. The prolonged silence near the end is perfect as it really looks and feels like the officer is just waiting, afraid to say  a word because he knows what will happen once he does, and then exactly that happens. And it's just as hilarious even though you know it's coming.

Mark Hamill chalks the whole thing up to being one massive “dad joke” and I suppose he’s the guy who would know. Although, it has to be said that even before Darth Vader had all his limbs chopped off, he didn’t have that much of a sense of humor. Anakin Skywalker wasn’t all that funny, so I’m not sure where this is coming from. 

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