After Latest Criminal Minds Revival Update, Paget Brewster's Newest TV Role Has Been Revealed

Despite only wrapping up its 15-season run on CBS in 2020, the highly popular crime drama Criminal Minds was almost instantly in conversations to return in a somewhat different capacity as a content anchor for Paramount+, with Paget Brewster set to continue Emily Prentiss’ story. In the roughly two years since then, however, there have been far more silent patches than promising updates. Following the latest news, which basically just confirmed that the project is still generally happening, the next big role in Brewster’s non-Criminal Minds career was revealed: she’s playing Hilary Duff’s mom!

To clarify, Paget Brewster is set to appear on Hulu’s universe-expanding comedy How I Met Your Father, where she will portray the mother of Hilary Duff’s character Sophie. (And technically also the mother of Kim Katrall’s future-timeline Sophie.) And what’s more, fans don’t have long to wait to see her in action, as she will appear in Episode 105, appropriately titled “The Good Mom,” which debuts on February 8.

Check out the first look at Brewster’s Lori in the pic below!

Lori in black shirt on How I Met Your Father

(Image credit: Hulu)

As far as what to expect from Lori when Paget Brewster pops into the How I Met Your Father lore, the character is noted as being a single mother and former model, with Sophie’s birth having happened when Lori was still quite young. Her arrival apparently won’t be a long-planned event for Sophie & Co., as the episode synopsis notes:

  •  An unexpected visit from Sophie’s mom heightens Val’s concern for her friend. 

Sounds like Paget Brewster’s latest role will see her causing some drama, despite it being set within a comedic narrative. From what we’ve heard about Sophie’s childhood thus far, Lori was referred to early on as a “party girl,” and hasn’t been painted in particularly positive shades ever since. So while I have no doubt that Brewster is capable of joining the fun in hilarious and quirky ways, it may serve Sophie’s story best if Lori isn’t quite likeable.

It doesn’t appear as if Brewster’s Lori will make any other appearances in Season 1 of How I Met Your Father, but one can assume the door will be open for future guest spots if Hulu renews the spinoff comedy for Season 2. And probably also if the actress’ schedule isn’t busy with filming the Criminal Minds revival season, should it ever get an official series order. 

Brewster herself wasn’t so optimistic about that return coming to light on the streaming service, but the latest update at least keeps hope alive that Team BAU will be back on the small screen in the years to come. Granted, it probably won’t be exactly the same, seeing as how Kirsten Vangsness’ Garcia left her post for greener pastures (possibly even with Alvez as her romantic partner), among other details. But any port in a storm to see more flirting between fan-favorite non-couple J.J. and Reid, amirite?

New episodes of How I Met Your Father debut on Hulu every Tuesday morning, with Paget Brewster’s character making her presumably memorable entrance on February 8. You can check out past seasons of Criminal Minds on Paramount+, and head to our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what else is popping up in the coming months! 

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