Dancing With The Stars Fans Are Flabbergasted After Tyra Banks Ate 'Boob Chicken' Live

Tyra Banks on Dancing With The Stars on Disney+
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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Dancing With The Stars Season 31 episode "Michael Bublé Night." Read at your own risk!

Dancing With The Stars Season 31 feels like a new era for the dancing competition, especially after its move from ABC to streaming. With that said, some things never change, and host Tyra Banks once again found herself the subject of many online reactions and memes after another bizarre moment during the show. This one may outrank any comments about people's necks or weird outfits, as Banks is blowing up online for eating "boob chicken" live on the stage, and fans are flabbergasted about it.

Those who don't have a Disney+ subscription are probably asking, "How did Tyra Banks get fried chicken on the Dancing With The Stars dance floor?" Funnily enough, the story starts with Season 31's resident Drag Diva Shangela, who smuggled it in for a prop joke. Len Goodman received quite the surprise when he complimented Shangela's leg work, only for the contestant to ask if he considered her legs "crisp." Goodman took the bait, and before anyone knew what was going on, Shangela pulled a crisp piece of fried chicken in a zip-lock bag from her cleavage and gave it to the judge. 

That moment was wild enough, but it kept going when Shangela revealed she had yet another piece of chicken in a bag wedged in her cleavage. Host Tyra Banks took the chicken, and after briefly offering it to one of the judges, decided to pull it out of the bag and take a bite. Suffice it to say that the internet was in shock, to the point that they could tweet little more than their disbelief the event occurred: 

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It's not uncommon for certain viewers to give Tyra Banks a hard time about anything when she's hosting. Perhaps this meme is self-aware commentary that Banks didn't do anything upsetting or offensive by eating the chicken, but because she offended and upset fans in the past, they were bound to target her for this: 

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There are always some sobering and reflective thoughts that surface in the chaos of people making memes, and that certainly was the case with one user. After all, shouldn't all Dancing With The Stars viewers just enjoy the fact that they witnessed what will likely become an iconic moment of the series, and that they'll be able to revisit it on-demand on Disney+ when they want?

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Typically, we don't see judges or hosts on live competition shows with food, and after watching Tyra Banks eat chicken on Dancing With The Stars, some might be reminded why. After all, the show is on a tight window to stay on track, which meant the host didn't exactly have a ton of time to properly chew and swallow. Some fans claimed they caught Banks talking with her mouth full of food, which isn't something many like to see: 

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Regardless of what fans, and even former hosts of the show, think about Tyra Banks, there's no denying she created a memorable moment for Dancing With The Stars. If nothing else, we can have a chuckle at this moment, and acknowledge that it wouldn't have been possible without her willingness to eat a surprise piece of fried chicken on television: 

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On a night that celebrated Michael Bublé and saw Jesse James Decker exit after she won the dance marathon the week prior, it's worth mentioning that the boob chicken remains the talk of the episode. Maybe it should get its own theme night next season and this can become a recurring bit? Ok, that's a bit much, but in all seriousness, it was one of the most entertaining moments of the show I've seen in some time, so credit to Tyra Banks for keeping things interesting. 

Dancing With The Stars streams on Disney+ on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. I can't promise every week will feature events as wild as what just occurred, but the dancing is certainly getting better as the competition continues.

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