Did Virgin River Season 4 Just Set Up A Major Conflict For Jack In Season 5? Here's What Alexandra Breckenridge Says

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Virgin River has finally returned with Season 4, debuting on Netflix as part of the 2022 TV schedule just last week. The small town romantic drama has always done a great job of delivering a number of surprises for fans, which tends to include no small amount of shocking criminal activity to keep townspeople and viewers alike on their toes. This season has been no different, and with fans now wondering if the show has set up a major conflict for Jack in Virgin River Season 5, star Alexandra Breckenridge has opened up about what his future might hold.

What Did Alexandra Breckenridge Say About Jack’s Potential Conflict In Virgin River Season 5?

Anyone who finished Season 4 will know that we were left with the image of Jack being dealt a serious emotional blow, which Alexandra Breckenridge previously noted will be good for Mel and Jack as a couple, but not so great for Jack individually. Now, with it looking a lot like the series is setting up a major conflict between Jack and town newcomer, Melissa Montgomery (played by Barbara Pollard), next season, Breckenridge told TV Line that the future for Jack and Melissa is currently unclear:

Nick and Melissa getting involved in this glamping business may or may not become problematic for Jack. I’m not sure what her intention is yet. She obviously doesn’t have good intentions [in general], and I’m not entirely clear if Nick is oblivious to what Melissa does, or if he knows. He seems like such a kind guy. I definitely don’t think his wife has a damn clue. She would probably have told the entire town by now.

Alright, if Breckenridge’s comments have left you a little fuzzy on the exciting sequence of events that went down in Virgin River Season 4, be forewarned that I’m about to get into real spoiler territory now in order to explain. 

Ready? Here we go!

So, Nick and his wife, Jo Ellen, own and operate the town’s bed and breakfast and have been around since the first season. But, in Season 4, we learn that Nick has a “ball-buster” of a sister who runs the family trust and cuts Nick a check once a month, supposedly on the basis of him not asking any questions about his family’s money. Around the same time that we hear this, Brady meets his new boss, Melissa, who has had Calvin murdered so that she can take over the area’s drug trade, and who is also threatening Brady with retaliation if he doesn’t get even more involved in her illegal dealings.

We also saw Jack come up with a side-hustle glamping business to make more money, and Nick not only agreed to help him set up the camp site, but also invest, and he ends up handing Jack three times more than the cash he originally told him he’d put into the business. If you’re seeing a lot of dots that feel vaguely connected, you’re doing a great job, because in the finale it was revealed that Nick’s sister is Melissa The Crime Boss. 


As Breckenridge noted in her interview, it’s very unclear right now whether or not Nick fully understands what Melissa is up to with her dangerous criminal enterprise and if he realizes he’s involved with it. What does seem pretty clear is that Melissa is the new Big Bad around town, and if she’s funneling her ill gotten gains through Nick and into Jack’s new business, that will almost certainly spell trouble for the extremely principled father-to-be in Season 5. Until we know more about the next season, you can try out some shows like Virgin River, or catch up on the original with your Netflix subscription.

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