7 Shows Like Virgin River To Watch Right Now

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While Virgin River might not quite be a Bridgerton-sized hit, considering the number of people with a Netflix subscription who tune in to every season, the show certainly got a jump on its streaming sibling when it comes to romantic dramas based on loooong novel series. When it debuted on December 6, 2019, it was a bit ahead of the curve with regards to providing audiences with romance, twisty plots, and just enough drama to make the whole package even more entertaining (but still less potentially traumatizing than, say, Outlander). And, as you might imagine, folks ate it up.

But, this doesn't mean that the small town romance is anywhere near being the only show to deliver those kinds of benefits to fans who enjoy a lovey-dovey series with some bite. Here, for you now, are eight shows like Virgin River that you can watch right away, while awaiting the release of Virgin River Season 5!

Gina Rodriguez on Jane the Virgin

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Jane The Virgin (Netflix)

Jane the Virgin focuses on Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez), a young woman whose life is completely following the plan she set for herself… that is until what's supposed to be a non-eventful doctor's visit ends with her accidentally inseminated with a sperm sample from her boss, Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni). Jane then has to figure out how to handle being a pregnant virgin while juggling college, being engaged to her incredibly surprised and sweet fiancé, Michael (Brett Dier), and the hopeful future as a published author that she had planned for herself.

Why it's a good option for Virgin River fans: I know what you’re thinking, but I didn't just choose this show because the word "virgin" is in the title. This play on tried and true Latin American telenovela tropes (which are quite similar to those that American soap opera fans know well) should be right up the alley of anyone who loves to follow a central love story (or more), with several other romances on the margins, and lots of good, twist-filled plots. Some of the events in Jane the Virgin are far more bonkers than what we've seen in Virgin River, even four seasons in, but that just makes it extra appealing for a good binge watch.

Stream Jane the Virgin on Netflix.

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Hart Of Dixie (Freevee)

When young New York City doctor Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) is invited by a stranger in the tiny town of Bluebell, Alabama to work with him at his medical practice, she accepts, because she needed a change in her life anyway. When she arrives, however, Zoe realizes that the strange medical professional in question has actually died and left her his half of the practice as part of his will, putting her in the cross hairs of her new partner, Dr. Breeland (Tim Matheson), and his snooty daughter, Lemon (Jaime King), and leading her to several love connections and a whole new life.

Why it's a good option for Virgin River fans: Hart of Dixie is, absolutely, far sillier than anything we’ve ever seen (or are likely to see in the future) on Virgin River, but because of its slightly goofy nature it really is a joy to watch. When you’re still in need of a small town romance, but with unexpected plot twists and lots of nosy towns folk in a fish out of water story, this show is definitely for you. Plus, Tim Matheson plays a “cranky old doc” role here which is not entirely dissimilar to his part as Doc Mullins on the Netflix staple. Check it out with your Amazon Prime subscription on Freevee.

Stream Hart of Dixie on Freevee through Amazon.

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Last Tango In Halifax (Netflix)

This BBC One dramedy, which ran for four seasons and aired on PBS in the United States, follows two 70-something widowed people, Alan (Derek Jacobi) and Celia (Anne Reid), who find their way back to each other after many decades, when their respective grandsons put their information on social media. The former young almost-lovers start a new romance, and have to unite their (extremely) complicated familial situations, to hilarious, disastrous, and very surprising results.

Why it's a good option for Virgin River fans: Please believe me when I say you have never known small town, family-based drama like the small town family-based drama seen on Last Tango in Halifax. I seriously doubt that anyone could see several of these storylines and additional romances coming as they watch the first episode, and I can pretty much guarantee that these complex relationships and wild plot twists will have you at least considering staying up all night to watch every season.

Stream Last Tango in Halifax on Netflix.

dana sue, helen, and maddie in sweet magnolias season 2 on netflix

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Sweet Magnolias (Netflix)

Now for a romantic drama that’s a very natural option for anyone who needs additional Virgin River-style storytelling. Sweet Magnolias focuses on the professional and personal lives of lifelong friends, Dana Sue (Brooke Elliott), Helen (Heather Headley), and Maddie (JoAnna Garcia Swisher), a.k.a. the titular “sweet magnolias,” as they deal with family, career, and romantic troubles and triumphs in their small (fictional) hometown of Serenity, South Carolina.

Why it's a good option for Virgin River fans: Obviously, once again, we have the small town factor working in our favor, but viewers will also get a series filled with incredibly intricate relationship statuses (both romantic and not) across its two seasons so far, lots of hot and steamy chemistry between the leading ladies and their love interests, and several characters who have to make major decisions (and do make major mistakes) along the way. It's Virgin River with fancier clothes and southern accents, y'all. Watch it!

Stream Sweet Magnolias on Netflix.

The two main stars of Gilmore Girls.

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Gilmore Girls (Netflix)

Gilmore Girls is the still-much beloved story of former teen mom Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and her now teen daughter Rory (Alexis Bledel) as they endure all of the ups and downs one goes through when attempting to find your path in life, fall in love (with the right person), and grow up. This happens as the ladies reconnect with Lorelai's strict and largely disapproving parents, who are going to help Rory get into the college of her dreams and forge a bond with the granddaughter they barely know whether they overstep the boundaries set by Lorelai or not.

Why it's a good option for Virgin River fans: While definitely more humorous than Virgin River and dramatic in a less twisty/soapy way, Gilmore Girls absolutely delivers the goods. There’s plenty of teen angst, several adult romances, more than one love triangle, roughly a metric ton of emotional family drama, and adorable love stories for the side characters, along with lots of laughs, coffee, and Pop Tarts for good measure. The show is a treat that will warm your heart in several ways.

Stream Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

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Sanditon (PBS Masterpiece)

Sanditon is a three-season, Regency-set historical romance, which follows young Charlotte (Rose Williams) as she leaves her large family and farming community behind to spend the summer with a few new friends in the eponymous seaside resort town. While she's embraced by several in the community, spirited Charlotte also notices how scheming and ambitious many of those in the seemingly tranquil town truly are as she looks to make friends and find her place in this new home.

Why it's a good option for Virgin River fans: Remember when Mel and Jack were silently pining for one another because he was still attached to dumb ol', problem-causing Charmaine? Well, as Charlotte and Sidney (Theo James) start their enemies to lovers transition, there is a lot of solid pining to be had, which is transformed in later seasons to a fierce will-they-won’t-they-why-the-hell-can’t-they?! with Charlotte and a brand new love interest. There are also several juicy stories involving things like forbidden love, scheming, lots of double-crossing deals, and more than a few instances of unrequited love.

Stream Sanditon on PBS Masterpiece through Amazon.

treat williams on everwood

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Everwood (Freevee)

After superstar Manhattan brain surgeon Andy Brown (the late Treat Williams) is widowed, he moves himself and his two kids to the idyllic mountain town of Everwood, Colorado for a brand new start. Once they arrive, Andy and his teen son, Ephram (Gregory Smith) begin to learn how to open up, both to each other and to love, and learn how to navigate all of the ups and downs that come with their new emotional vulnerability.

Why it's a good option for Virgin River fans: Are you seeing a theme among these choices, yet? Everwood is here for Virgin River viewers who need additional folksy townspeople, medical subplots (one of which involves Ephram's romantic life in a big way), difficult family/community dynamics, forbidden romance, and all of the charm and ooey gooey love stuff you find in a typical episode of the Netflix winner.

Stream Everwood on Freevee through Amazon.

If these options don't keep you busy until Virgin River Season 5 arrives, it’s possible that nothing will! In the meantime, be sure to check out the 2023 TV schedule and 2023 Netflix TV show schedule for even more viewing options!

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