First Kill Season 1 Ending: Where Things Left Off For All Of The Main Characters

Imani Lewis and Sarah Catherine Hook in First Kill
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First Kill is Netflix’s campy drama about a vampire and monster hunter who fall in love. It’s not easy being a teenage girl, but things become even more dire when you fall for your mortal enemy. First Kill has been firmly in Netflix’s top 10 most watch list since its premiere. The show has been a social media hit, and the First Kill ending has just increased the conversations. 

Netflix hasn’t made an announcement about whether the TV show will be renewed or cancelled, but it could follow in the footsteps of Netflix’s other recent popular LGBTQ+ TV show, Heartstopper, and receive a two-season renewal. We'll have to wait and see. For now, First Kill remains in limbo, but after the First Kill ending, we’re excited to see where it could go next. 

Let’s look at where each character’s story ended and where their story could go in a potential First Kill Season 2.

Warning: Major First Kill Season 1 spoilers ahead. Proceed with caution.

Imani Lewis tries to stake Sarah Catherine Hook in First Kill

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Calliope And Juliette Break Up

Calliope (Imani Lewis) and Juliette (Sarah Catherine Hook) experience a major reality check when everything goes from sort of bad to really bad.

It starts with Apollo (Dominic Goodman) and Elinor (Gracie Dzienny) making out and ends with Theo (Phillip Mullings Jr.) dead. Juliette tries to end Apollo’s suffering by draining his blood. Things don’t go as planned, because he awakens as a baby vampire.

When Calliope learns what Juliette did, she declares that she wants to make it her life mission to take down legacy vampires. Ouch.

The young ladies storm off in opposite directions. Both heartbroken. Both are now down a new and different path.

Prior to meeting Juliette, Cal was very focused on her destiny as a hunter. With this heartbreak, she may restore that passion to become a great hunter. Her ex and best friend, now possible roommate, Tess (MK xyz) may be around to encourage her even more down that path.

Jules spent much of First Kill Season 1 fighting against her natural vampire instincts, but when she embraced them, she got a little wild. In an interview with Screenrant, Sarah Catherine Hook shared a bit of her hope for Juliette’s future. 

I don't know if I should say anything, but I want Juliette to find herself even more. I kind of want a more wicked side to come out of her. But, those are up to the powers that be, [laughs] so I can only dream of these things.

If you watch enough Buffy the Vampire Slayer, then you know that heartbroken vampires don’t make the best decisions. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hook gets her wish and Season 2 shows a darker, wilder side of Juliette—a side that’s more like her siblings.

Gracie Dzienny in First Kill

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Elinor Is In Major Trouble

Juliette shows some of her bite during the First Kill ending. After discovering that Elinor (Gracie Dzienny) caused Theo’s death, the sisters have a physical and verbal fight. This leads to Juliette finally taking Oliver (Dylan McNamara) up on his offer to destroy their sister.

He gives the police more than enough evidence to prove that Elinor is a monster. He also lets her know that mommy and daddy probably won’t come to her rescue. This seems to be true because Margot (Elizabeth Mitchell) spoke to Sebastian (Will Swenson) about leaving her in prison.

Now, I don’t think Elinor is just going to sit in prison, especially because she can easily use her powers to get out. However, I do think that Margot is right and things aren’t going to be as simple as Elinor hopes because she still wants to be a future Keeper.

Once Elinor is free, I think everyone should be worried, especially Sebastian and Margot. If The Vampire Diaries taught us anything, it’s that vampires can be real petty.

It’ll be interesting to see what’s next for Elinor.

Phillip Mullings Jr. in First Kill

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Theo Becomes A Vampire

The biggest shock of the final episode is the reveal that Theo is a vampire. This development is definitely going to cause lots of angst for the Burns family. Apollo will also likely be one of the ones most changed from this event. In an interview with Elite Daily, Dominic Goodman shared his vision for Apollo’s possible Season 2 journey.

I think that there's a lot of growth in Season 2 for Apollo, especially given where we left off with him being very distraught and emotional and just not the same Apollo you see in the first few episodes — you know, always happy-go-lucky, always joking around. So as for Season 2, I think that he could go many ways. For Apollo, either he sits soaking in sadness or he lets it fuel him.

Apollo’s Season 2 journey could be one of the more interesting ones, especially since it seemed like the show was setting up a romance between Elinor and him. Now we’re not sure if the lust will still be there, but it could work because enemies to lovers is always a fan favorite romance trope.

Theo’s vampire journey will also be very interesting to watch, but we’ll talk more about that later.

Will Swenson and Elizabeth Mitchell in First Kill

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Sebastian Eating Margot’s Mother May Be The Family’s Downfall 

Sebastian and Margot’s love story has me hooked. It’s so powerful, yet reckless and possibly going to take down Margot’s whole dynasty. He ate her mother and now the same mother has to appear at a hearing to keep her job as the Keeper of Malkie.

I have no clue how they’ll get out of that, but I am curious to know what’s going on with Sebastian and his new abilities. Is he, in fact, turning into a literal snake? These are the things we need to know in Season 2. Also if Victoria Schwab wants to write a prequel book about them as youngsters falling in love while Sebastian is human, I would love to read that book.

Aubin Wise and Dominic Goodman in First Kill

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Jack And Talia Are At Odds

While Sebastian and Margot’s bond grows stronger, Jack (Jason R. Moore) and Talia (Aubin Wise) face their biggest obstacle yet. Jack was willing to kill Theo, but Talia snuck him out of the house and brought him to Oliver.

This seems to be the first time that they are in opposition to one another. Both probably believe that they were doing the right thing, so I think it’s safe to expect some major tension between them next season. 

Phillip Mullings Jr. and Dylan McNamara in First Kill on Netflix

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Oliver Plans To Unleash Havoc On The Town

Theo finds himself unwillingly part of a dangerous trio. It’ll be interesting to see Theo’s journey as a vampire, because how does he make sense of going from monster hunter to vampire? Does he still try to keep some of his humanity or does he completely embrace vampire life?

Oliver will definitely be encouraging the latter option. First Kill Season 1 ended with Oliver having a whole bunch of monsters that he plans to use to tear up the town. This puts First Kill even more into Buffy territory with potential season-long big bads. This could also mean that the First Kill cast could grow next season.

The First Kill ending left us with plenty to get excited about if we get a Season 2. First Kill is one of the best Netflix shows to binge right now if you want a fun, soapy, but compelling LGBTQ+ romance show. Stream First Kill Season 1 on Netflix.

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