I Have Some Beef With Emily In Paris Season 2 – But Not For The Reason You Might Guess

Lily Collins Emily in Paris Season 2
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Spoilers for Emily in Paris’ Season 2 finale can be found in this Netflix-centric article. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

Season 2 of Emily in Paris left us with a Team Gabriel or Team Alfie division, as Emily Cooper saw her carefully crafted pact with Camille go awry, when her friend (frenemy?) took her ex-boyfriend back. There’s still chemistry between Emily and Gabriel and much pining on her part, despite the fact that Aflie’s a great guy, fun to be with and has made Emily his number one priority. I could see why someone on Team Gabriel might have beef with Emily possibly toying with Alfie and I could see why people loving Alfie might have beef with Gabriel giving Emily longing looks even while he’s around his girlfriend. But something else much grosser happened during Season 2.. 

The moment I personally cannot get over had to do with Gabriel visiting Camille at her workplace in Episode 4 to apologize and talk some things out. This scene, in general, is necessary for the momentum of the plot, but it also leads to the ickiest moment of the series thus far, in my opinion.  Whilst there, he grabbed some wine from a caterer – liquid courage, I get it – but then he proceeded to take one swig of the white wine and replace the still mostly full glass back on a tray with other clean, unused drinks. 

Are you kidding me, Gabriel? Was this a poorly edited scene on the production’s end? Was this intentional, meant to push the point that sometimes Gabriel can be thoughtless? It’s not exactly a continuity error, but it’s certainly out of character for someone who works in food service for a living to not simply put the glass down elsewhere. 

It’s not as if Emily in Paris is exactly known for its realistic moments, in fact, even fans have been critical and plenty about this show does not make sense, but still. Dude put a dirty glass down with some clean glasses. If you have a fantasy of the perfect man, it certainly would not include a moment like that. If I wasn’t firmly on Team Alfie before, I think I am now. 

Gabe putting wine glass back in Emily In Paris Season 2

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I actually thought that Twitter would have been all over this moment, but as it turns out the Internet may love to poke fun at Emily in Paris, but it does not seem as grossed out about used wine glasses as I am. Though there is plenty of chatter about Team Alfie or Team Gabriel...

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A quick Google perusal has shown that Alison Foreman over at Mashable did latch onto the very same moment, which makes me feel like less of a crazy person for being so grossed out. But still I wonder: Did the rest of you people just accept this behavior from the handsome chef? Is this the type of behavior we’ve come to expect from our romantic interests on TV? I daresay not! 

For now, I have finished binge-ing Emily in Paris Season 2 and am ready for the Season 3 and 4 renewals Netflix has already signed on for. Though the love triangle takes precedence, I am interested in seeing more from the stacked Emily in Paris cast in upcoming episodes, including Mindy’s story with her father hopefully developing. I also can’t wait for whatever decision Emily Cooper makes regarding her career moving forward. But if I see one more faux pas in terms of hygiene and politeness on this series, I guess it’s gonna have to be all Bridgerton all the time from here on out. 

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