Just In Time For Valentine’s Day, Apple TV’s Are Cheaper Than Usual

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Given how much of the entertainment industry has shifted to a streaming-friendly mindset, it’s no surprise there’s no end in sight to the amount of attention and programming focusing on the digital era. It’s also no surprise that households need more and more streaming devices to keep up with everything coming out. And so with the most appropriate Netflix & Chill day of the year coming up — Valentine’s Day — it only makes sense to make sure your current devices are up to the challenge. And if they aren’t, there’s a sweet deal happening at Amazon giving customers a shot at buying the 2021 Apple TV 4K, with 32gb of memory, for one of the cheapest prices yet.

Anybody needing a new Apple TV 4K streaming device, as well as anyone wishing to try one out for the first time, need not look any further than Amazon to take advantage of these savings. Even though it doesn’t necessarily look like it at first, it’s selling for the discounted price of $159.99 before tax, which is $20 off the regular $179.99 price.

Apple TV 4K streaming device: $179.99 $159.99 on Amazon

Apple TV 4K streaming device: $179.99 $159.99 on Amazon

The reason why things may look a bit off at first is because there’s only a 5% discount noted next to the price. But if you look down, it makes it clear that there’s an additional $10 discount once the item has been added to one’s shopping cart for checkout. Not a rare maneuver, to be sure, but one that no doubt goes by undetected where some fast-clicking customers are concerned.

This Apple TV version comes with a lot of the usual bells and whistles. On top of having the pristine 4K resolution (when available) and the 32GB of storage, the device also utilizes Dolby Atmos to give viewers top-notch sound quality, for either public or private listening, with the option to connect to two sets of AirPods. This device has the new Siri Remote with touch-friendly clickpad, and offers users access to a wide range of Apple apps, such as Apple Arcade, Apple Fitness+ and Apple Music. 

Of course, your discounted Apple TV streaming device can also be used for…who’d have thought it?...streaming stuff! To be sure, you can definitely find everything you want from your Apple TV+ subscription, from catching up on the fan-favorite comedy Ted Lasso before Season 3 arrives, with the award-winning drama The Morning Show also there (and awaiting its own Season 3 news). Not to mention family-friendly fare such as all things Fraggle Rock! and Peanuts, as well as the newest Harriet the Spy adaptation. Plus, it’s just in time to check out the recently premiered murder-mystery comedy The Afterparty, which has enough sordid romantic vibes to count as a worthy Valentine’s Day watch. (And that’s just TV, which doesn’t even touch on the best movies available on Apple TV+.)

Not that Apple TV+ is the only streaming service on there, of course. All the usual options — Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, etc. — are available, so it’s basically all anyone needs for endless entertainment, regardless of whether or not one is alone or with loved ones during Valentine’s Day. Apples are sort of shaped like hearts, after all. 

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