Netflix Exec’s Were Squeamish About Sophie Turner’s Foul-Mouthed Do Revenge Moment And Tried To Censor It

Sophie Turner in Do Revenge
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After years of being part of a whole different kind of drama in Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner recently had a small role in Netflix’s fabulous, critically-acclaimed Do Revenge. In the movie, Turner’s character gets wrapped in a bit of a scandal early in the film involving Camila Mendes’ Drea and gets super foul-mouthed on her every time she speaks. And apparently Netflix originally wasn’t here for that. 

Do Revenge earns its R rating with the help of multiple instances of “cunt,” most of which Sophie Turner gets to deliver. According to Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, the movie’s director and co-writer, the use of the word originally had Netflix asking for rewrites, but she stuck by it because she felt it was key to the movie’s tone. And once the streamer let her roll with it, she even added more of the colorful language for Turner specifically, per an IndieWire interview. 

Thanks to Netflix’s decision not to censor Do Revenge’s mature language, we get to see Turner’s character call Camila Mendes an “insufferable cunt” alongside many other biting lines that just adds to it feeling like all those teen comedies Do Revenge references a ton. In Robinson’s words: 

‘High status cunt’ was something early on where executives were like, ‘Can you find an alt?’ They asked to shoot an alt and I was like, ‘No. Because if we shoot it, we have it, and ‘high status cunt’ is the line.’ It’s a Celeste Ballard original. Chef’s kiss. It’s amazing.

Celeste Ballard co-wrote the movie with Jennifer Kaytin Robinson after the pair previously penned MTV’s Sweet/Vicious together, a canceled series about two college women who become vigilantes against abuse on their campus. Mendes also calls Maya Hawke’s character a "high status cunt" during their makeover scene ahead of the unlikely duo pairing up to do each other’s high school revenge.

Following Netflix’s decision to keep Do Revenge as is, the studio even released a trailer with the vulgar word uncensored too. It goes to show that Netflix was ultimately supportive of the filmmakers’ vision. Since the movie’s release two weeks ago, it has remained a part of Netflix’s trending movies, only today hitting No. 10 rather than a higher position. 

Along with Sophie Turner playing Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones for eight seasons, the 26-year-old has been part of the X-Men franchise and HBO’s The Staircase, in addition to being married to Joe Jonas and two children together. Her cameo in Do Revenge is a rare dip into comedy for the actress who is naturally charismatic and rather funny. We’d love to see her do more ensemble comedies in the future! 

You can check out (or rewatch) Do Revenge with a Netflix subscription.

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