Netflix's Trivia Quest: Season 1 - Episode 19 Answers

Willie on Trivia Quest
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In Season 1, Episode 19 of the interactive animated series Trivia Quest on Netflix (inspired by the popular mobile gaming app, Trivia Crack), Willie (voiced by Jonathan Melo) challenged audiences to a new round of questions all about dinosaurs to help defeat the bad guy, Rocky. Let’s take a look at the correct answers for each question of today’s theme - “Tyrannosaurus Flex” - in both Easy and Hard mode.

As we are about to get into the answers, there are obviously spoilers ahead! If you'd rather play today's game first, check out Trivia Quest on Netflix.

Trivia Quest Episode 19 Easy Mode Questions and Answers

History - The first Velociraptor fossil was discovered in what Mongolian locale in 1923? 
Answer: Gobi Desert
(Wrong answers: Amazon rainforest, Yellowstone Park, Galápagos Islands)

Sports - A stegosaurus plays a shooting guard who can dunk in a 2011 kids book called what?
(Wrong answers: Dino-Football, Dino-Baseball, Dino-Hockey)

Entertainment - Easier to say than Tyrannosaurus, Andy’s toy dinosaur in “Toy Story” is named what?
(Wrong answers: Woody, Buzz, Hamm)

Science - “Scaly” but true: the word “dinosaur” is Greek  for “terrible” what?
(Wrong answers: Elephant, Bear, Pig)

Geography - Argentinosaurus fossils were first discovered on what continent?
South America
(Wrong answers: Australia, Europe, Africa)

Art - “Welcome to Jurassic Park” is a line in whose novel?
Michael Crichton
(Wrong answers: Stephen King, John Grisham, James Patterson)

History - Early paleontologists E.D. Cope and O.C. Marsh had a rivalry aptly known as what?
Bone Wars
(Wrong answers: Feather Wars, Tentacle Wars, Hair Wars)

Sports - A Minor League team, the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes have a dinosaur mascot named what?
(Wrong answers: Smog, Twister, Monsoon)

Entertainment - A fruit-eating, egg-throwing dinosaur, Yoshi debuted in what video game franchise?
Super Mario
(Wrong answers: Minecraft, Pac-Man, Tetris)

Science - Because T. Rexes didn’t have toilets, today we have coprolite, or fossilized what?
Dinosaur poop
(Wrong answers: Dinosaur hair, Dinosaur teeth, Dinosaur eggs)

Geography - Capitalsaurus is the official dinosaur of where?
Washington D.C.
(Wrong answers: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco)

Art - A song by a pop star who often uses “$” in her name, “D.I.N.O.$.A.U.R” is by whom?
(Wrong answers: Shakira, Halsey, Sia)

Trivia Quest Episode 19 Hard Mode Questions And Answers

History - Where many say an asteroid caused dinosaur extinction, the Chicxulub Crater is where?
(Wrong answers: Japan, Germany, Egypt)

Sports - A purple dinosaur, Dinger is the mascot of what pro sports team?
Colorado Rockies
(Wrong answers: Miami Heat, Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Penguins)

Entertainment - “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” featured a flying dinosaur character named what?
(Wrong answers: Bronty, Steggy, Tyranna)

Science - Ornithischian dinosaurs are so-named because they were what?
(Wrong answers: Two-horned, Back-plated, Thick-skulled)

Geography - Dinosaur National Monument covers parts of Colorado and what other U.S. state?
(Wrong answers: Louisiana, Oregon, Wisconsin)

Art - What Stravinsky work is heard as dinosaurs go extinct in the 1940 film “Fantasia”?
The Rite of Spring
(Wrong answers: Ride of the Valkyries, Carmina Burana, Peer Gynt Suite)

History - The man who coined the word “dinosaur” attended an 1853 dinner inside a model what?
(Wrong answers: Diplodocus,  Allosaurus, Triceratops)

Sports - Famous for denying dinosaurs ever existed, William Hayes played what pro sport?
(Wrong answers: Boxing, Golf, Baseball)

Entertainment - What celeb once paid $276,000 for a dinosaur skull?
Nicolas Cage
(Wrong answers: Mike Tyson, Bill Gates, Kayne West)

Science - Exhibiting bone erosion for uric acid, Sue the T. rex likely suffered from what?
(Wrong answers: Smallpox, Tuberculosis, Polio)

Geography - The dirty Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton was discovered in 1902 in what country?
United States
(Wrong answers: China, Germany, Tanzania)

Art - A framed T. rex sculpture 4.5 times taller than a real T. rex, “Tyra” is how tall?
25 meters
(Wrong answers: 10 meters, 50 meters, 100 meters)

Did you get all the questions in Episode 19 correct? Did you get a better score than when you played Episode 18? Be sure to check back tomorrow for the outcome of the next episode of Trivia Quest on Netflix and, also, take a look at our 2022 Netflix TV show premiere dates schedule or our Netflix movie release schedule to see what else you can stream when you’re not playing the game!

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