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Willie on Trivia Quest
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In Season 1, Episode 18 of the interactive animated series Trivia Quest on Netflix (inspired by the popular mobile gaming app, Trivia Crack), Willie (voiced by Jonathan Melo) challenged audiences to a new round of questions related to special holidays from around the world to help defeat the bad guy, Rocky. Let’s take a look at the correct answers for each question of today’s theme - “Holiday Cheer” - in both Easy and Hard mode.

As we are about to get into the answers, there are obviously spoilers ahead! If you'd rather play today's game first, check out Trivia Quest on Netflix.

Trivia Quest Episode 18 Easy Mode Questions and Answers

History - President Cleveland created what federal holiday after a strike by railway workers? 
Answer: Labor Day
(Wrong answers: New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas)

Sports - Pausing only for WWII, the Detroit Lions have played on what holiday since 1934?
(Wrong answers: Easter, Arbor Day and Father’s Day)

Entertainment - In “Sleepless in Seattle,” the lovestruck main characters finally meet on what day?
Valentine’s Day
(Wrong answers: Labor Day, Halloween, Memorial Day)

Science - “Seasoned” chemists know firework colors can be manipulated by adding various what?
(Wrong answers: Breads, Cheeses and Beans)

Geography - What country calls their July 14th holiday Le Quatorze Julliet, not Bastille Day?
(Wrong answers: Russian, Brazil, Taiwan)

Art - Haddon Sunblom’s Santa Claus illustrations have appeared in ads for what since 1931?
(Wrong answers: Tesla, Nintendo and Doritos)

History - At 1862’s Battle of Puebla, Mexico defeated the French on “Cinco de” what month?
(Wrong answers: January, August, October)

Sports - NBA legend Hakeem Olajuwon said fasting during what observance helped his game?
(Wrong answers: Chinese New Year, Pentecost, Oktoberfest)

Entertainment - Who first performed “The Chanukah Song” on “Saturday Night Live” in 1994?
Adam Sandler
(Wrong answers: Bill Hader, Eddie Murphy, John Belushi)

Science - Planting trees to fight soil erosion, Nebraska began what holiday in 1872?
Arbor Day
(Wrong answers: April Fool’s Day, Columbus Day, Groundhog Day)

Geography - Started by Rutherford B. Hayes, what locale hosts an annual Easter Egg Roll?
White House
(Wrong answers: Great Wall of China, The Kremlin, Buckingham Palace)

Art - Sioux headdresses are inaccurate in the 1914 painting “The First” what “at Plymouth”?
(Wrong answers: Earth Day, President’s Day, Mother’s Day)

Trivia Quest Episode 18 Hard Mode Questions And Answers

History - Britain’s Guy Fawkes Night celebrates a failed plot to destroy what building?
House of Parliament
(Wrong answers: Notre Dame Cathedral, Leaning Tower of Pisa and The Alhambra)

Sports - What college football game began as part of a New Year’s Day parade in Pasadena, CA?
Rose Bowl
(Wrong answers: Cotton Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl)

Entertainment - In “Halloween,” Michael Myers’ mask was made from a costume of what sci-fi icon?
Captain Kirk
(Wrong answers: Superman, James Bond, Joker)

Science - A plant often seen at Christmastime, the poinsettia is name after what?
U.S. diplomat
(Wrong answers: Italian composer, Russian ballerina, British clergyman)

Geography - Fiji, Uganda and India have holidays celebrating independence from what world power?
United Kingdom
(Wrong answers: Soviet Union, United States, China)

Art - During the spring festival Holi, who flings colorful dyes while honoring Krishna?
(Wrong answers: Mormons, Buddhists, Shintoists)

History - Anzac Day honors Australian and New Zealand troops who fought at what WWI event?
Gallipoli Landings
(Wrong answers: October Revolution, Operation Faustschlag, Battle of Verdun

Sports - The NHL has a 3-day break over Christmas Eve, Christmas and what Canadian holiday?
Boxing Day
(Wrong answers: Victoria Day, Canada Day, Remembrance Day)

Entertainment - In  TV’s “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” Hermey the Elf wants to pursue what career?
(Wrong answers: Lawyer, Accountant, Politician)

Science - 2285 is the next year what holiday will fall on its earliest possible date: March 22?
(Wrong answers: St. Patrick’s Day, President’s Day, Mardi Gras)

Geography - What U.S. city’s plumbers union turns its river green for St. Patrick’s Day?
(Wrong answers: Detroit, New York City, Los Angeles)

Art - The Times Square New Year’s Eve ball displays 2,688 Waterford Crystal what?
(Wrong answers: Stars, Circles, Pentagons)

Did you get all the questions in Episode 18 correct? Did you get a better score than another recent episode? Be sure to check back tomorrow for the outcome of the next episode of Trivia Quest on Netflix and, also, take a look at our 2022 Netflix TV show premiere dates schedule or our Netflix movie release schedule to see what else you can stream when you’re not playing the game!

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