New Netflix Movie With 100% Rotten Tomatoes Score May Be Worth Checking Out

There is one honor that few movies are able to nab, and that’s an 100% critical rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, it looks like one of Netflix’s new releases is sitting pretty with a perfect score on the highly-regarded film website and, while it may be an odd one to have stood out, Valerie Weiss’ Mixtape may just be a movie you want to check out.

There are plenty of gems that have not been able to rise to the almost impossible standard of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. Even the site's list of "Top 100 Movies of All Time” is made up of films that, for the most part, do not hold perfect scores. In fact, out of all the films that have been reviewed on the site, holding titles dating back to 1920, it would seem as though there are less than 500 titles that can hold the distinction.

Gemma Brooke Allen and Julie Bowen in Mixtape

(Image credit: Netflix)

This makes it all the more impressive that the newly released Mixtape has now joined the ranks. The feel-good comedy was released to the streaming platform just over a week ago on December 3rd and, apparently, it’s worth the watch. Although, it’s important to note that the 100% rating is based just on 8 reviews, the lowest amount of any film that holds the same ranking. The audience score, however, is still pretty impressive at 79%.

Reviews aggregated by the site are saying that the film, which features a lot of fresh faces, feels familiar and new all at once. This probably has to do with the film’s dive into self-discovery. One reviewer comments that this theme is popular right now and will may lead to Mixtape being forgotten despite the fact that it is a unique film. There is even more evidence in favor of this thought as another reviewer says the Valerie Weiss-directed movie is “a (deep) cut above the usual tween fare.”

Mixtape centers on a girl named Beverly, who finds a broken mixtape made by her parents, who are no longer living. If you’re thinking that mixtapes are kind of a thing of the past, you’d be right - the film is set in 1999.

The vintage feel of the movie, a the playlist that is certain to be full of ‘90s bangers, and the feel-good coming of age motif make for a film that different generations can find joy in. As mentioned you won’t find many super recognizable faces in the film, either, aside from Modern Family alum Julie Bowen. However, the absence of an A-list ensemble seemingly make the film shine that much brighter as it stands on its own. 

Although it seems as though it's a great teen movie and has risen to a spot on Rotten Tomatoes that many films don’t see, it has yet hit Netflix’s Top 10 List. That honor is held by heavy hitters like Sandra Bullock's The Unforgivable, which currently sits at the number 1 spot. Meanwhile, Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot are still holding on with Red Notice at the lower end of the list in a pretty impressive run of popularity

If you haven’t yet seen the newly released film, give Mixtape a chance. Those who have watched it apparently gave it a big thumbs up, and the film seems to be sending viewers into the holidays in an uplifted, feel-good mood.

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