PlayStation's God Of War Is Getting A TV Show, And Nobody Better Mess This Up

Kratos in God of War 4
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Video games are always hot items for adaptation, and those new takes tend to face the most scrutiny compared to other adapted works. Animated shows like Netflix's Cuphead and Castlevania became popular hits, but when it comes to live-action works, there's always a good deal of worry that the original product won't reflect the video game it's based on. PlayStation's beloved God of War franchise might be the next to head to the small screen for such fanatical scrutinizing, with Amazon's Prime Video streaming service its likely future home. Based on how popular these games are, there better be no mistakes in bringing them to life.

Negotiations are reportedly happening for a God of War live-action show for Amazon's Prime Video, and it allegedly already has some notable names already attached to it. Deadline reported The Expanse's creators Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby and The Wheel of Time' showrunner Rafe Judkins are tied to the project, as is Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions from a studio standpoint. The project is obviously based on the popular video game franchise, which chronicles the adventures of a Spartan demigod turned god named Kratos. Representatives for Sony and Amazon studios offered no comment for the reports. 

No names are rumored or mentioned for the starring role of Kratos at this time, and there aren't details on how a project like this would adapt the numerous games or where it will begin Kratos' story. Such familiar names as Dave Bautista have come up over the years in regards to actors who could play Kratos, but who knows who will eventually lead the Amazon project if it happens. The casting of Kratos feels like the easiest way to mess this show up, so hopefully, they make the right decision with an actor. 

Another big question with taking on a live-action God of War project is if any adaptation like this can possibly recreate some of the epic scenes from the games. There are moments in the God of War franchise where Kratos squared off against the Greek pantheon of gods and massive beasts the size of Godzilla. In short, this might be a very expensive series to work on in terms of budget, unless the studio tries to adapt the tale without as much attention given to those particular moments. That wouldn’t be the best idea, so hopefully whoever ends up with this series is ready to take on a Mandalorian or Lord of the Rings level budget if they want to do the series justice in the eyes of fans. 

If these talks that are reportedly underway for a potential God of War live-action show go forward, it seems likely it'll head to Amazon's Prime Video, which can definitely afford such blockbuster adaptations. The show should serve as a good rival to Paramount+'s upcoming Halo series, as well as HBO's series based on The Last of Us. Hopefully, this is the start of an impressive era of video game adaptations. 

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