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Ryan Reynolds Is Hyping Netflix’s The Adam Project Hard, And He Brought In Back To The Future’s Christopher Lloyd To Do It

Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown in Back to the Future
(Image credit: Universal Pictures)

Sometimes, movie studios have to bring out the big dogs when it’s time to promote their productions. In the case of The Adam Project, Netflix’s latest time travel comedy, it was important to make sure fans didn’t lose track of the film in the midst of Daylight Savings Time. That’s why the company didn’t just get the film’s stars, Mark Ruffalo and Ryan Reynolds, to hype it as hard as they could – it roped in Back To The Future icon Christopher Lloyd to entice fans to watch. 

A new PSA for the sci-fi thrill ride The Adam Project begins with Ryan Reynolds and co-star Mark Ruffalo reminding fans that they’ve both played superheroes who have some experience with time traveling. But because their new movie just happened to drop during the “spring forward” weekend for Daylight Savings Time, they chose to enlist the help of Christopher Lloyd to help make sure fans don’t miss the movie due to the time change. (We’re all just going to pretend that this is a real threat, even though it’s streaming on demand on Netflix (opens in new tab), so no one needs to worry about messing up their showtime.) 

Christopher Lloyd played Doc Brown in the impactful Back To The Future franchise. But according to this PSA, he isn’t just a legendary actor – he’s also a “time expert.” And, at 83 years old, he has some deep reflections on the meaning of time in general. He reminds fans that while we may have lost an hour this weekend, this is a great opportunity to gain some perspective on our lives. Then, he says we must go boldly forward into the future – “because despite what movies have taught us, we can’t go back.” Take a look at the surprisingly thought-provoking PSA here: 

If you weren’t expecting to get existential over Daylight Savings Time, you’re not alone. But the veteran actor, being the legend that he is, managed to make this admittedly unpopular yearly event seem way more meaningful than usual. 

While this PSA doesn’t do a lot to directly promote The Adam Project - other than reminding us it’s out now and that it’s about time travel - it’s still a creative way to get fans to tune in during its opening weekend. It also isn’t the first time Christopher Lloyd has been enlisted to inspire some Back To The Future-infused nostalgia for movie fans. 

Back in 2014, the star reprised his role as Doc Brown for a cameo in A Million Ways To Die In The West. The next year, he came back again for a Back To The Future-themed commercial for Lego Dimensions. he appears as himself and not as Doc Brown in the new PSA, but it still hits that sweet spot for nostalgia all the same. 

While The Adam Project does not actually feature Christopher Lloyd, the movie is a good draw for any enthusiasts of the time travel genre. CinemaBlend’s own Mike Reyes gave it a positive review, noting that it’s as heartwarming as it is humorous. The Shawn Levy-directed flick is one of many new projects on the 2022 Netflix Movie schedule, so be sure to grab a Netflix subscription so you can stream it.