Ryan Reynolds Releases The Adam Project’s Huge Viewing Numbers On Netflix, Along With His Usual Humor

The Adam Project
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The newest Ryan Reynolds movie isn’t a box office hit, because there is no box office. But based on the numbers, it is whatever the streaming equivalent of a box office hit is. According to the numbers, either a whole lot of people have seen Netflix’s The Adam Project or a few people have watched many, many times. Either way, Ryan Reynolds seems concerned that maybe too much time has been spent watching his movie. 

Apparently, while The Adam Project has only been available on Netflix for a few days, it has already been watched quite a bit. More than 92 million hours of The Adam Project have been streamed so far. As Ryan Reynolds points out on Twitter, in his trademark way, that means people have spent several million days watching his movie, and he’s just as concerned as he is happy.  

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With a run time that is less than two hours long, it means that The Adam Project has been watched more than 46 million times give or take, though 92 million hours certainly sounds even more impressive. And by using the hour number, Netflix can also include all the people who have started the movie and haven’t actually finished it. Still, since many of these views are going to be for more than one person. If all the people who watched The Adam Project on Netflix had bought a ticket, the box office numbers for this one would be pretty strong.

The current record holder for Netflix viewing hours is another movie that includes Ryan Reynolds, Red Notice. That movie successfully broke the record held by Bird Box and was at 328 million viewing hours as of early December. However, at that point the movie had been available for three weeks, and The Adam Project hasn’t been available for a full week yet, so it is off to a great start. Although the movie hasn’t done quite as well in its first week as Don’t Look Up.

Whether or not The Adam Project becomes one of Netflix’s biggest hits, it is clearly a movie that a lot of people have given a try. And while it’s possible that some 40 million people have watched it once, what’s actually more likely is that for every household that may not have finished the movie yet, there’s one that has watched it more than once, showing that they really like it.

We know that Red Notice is already looking toward sequels, and while the ending of The Adam Project doesn’t lend itself quite as perfectly to additional instalments, they’re certainly not out of the question, and since several more million hours of viewing are likely in this film’s future, if it becomes popular enough they could certainly happen. 

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