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Looks Like Netflix Is Planning A Red Notice Sequel With A Twist

Hopes were high for Netflix’s uber-expensive and star-studded action movie Red Notice, as writer-director Rawson Marshall Thurber’s heist adventure had a pedigree most blockbusters dream of. With Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds globe-trotting in the name of the ultimate treasure hunt, the streaming provider landed itself its greatest hit yet. Unsurprisingly, Netflix is reportedly undergoing follow-up development plans with a bit of a twist in mind. Did you want to see a sequel to Red Notice? Well, how do two sequels sound to you? 

According to sources reporting to Deadline, the big red streaming giant is looking to put two Red Notice sequels into back-to-back production as early as the beginning of 2023. The whole team is “expected” to come back, with Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds reprising their roles from the November 2021 hit. On top of that great news, it’s been suggested that Rawson Marshall Thurber will be back as the writer/director, with work supposedly already underway on his writing duties. 

Two sequels might sound like a stretch to some, especially with a back-to-back shooting schedule in the works. For a normally successful movie, that might be the case, but we’re talking about the most watched Netflix movie ever here. That sort of honor apparently stands among the likes of Back to the Future and The Matrix, as the studio is ready to commit to Red Notice in the same way that Universal and Warner Bros before them expanded on their respective cinematic hits. 

Story-wise, there’s a lot of potential for the next two movies to explore. The basic formula for the first installment was basically combining the comedic and action chops of Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds, with Gal Gadot as a pseudo-antagonist to spur them into action. As all three of their characters would theoretically be working together to chase after another treasure that’d make Indiana Jones demand it be thrown into a museum, that dynamic looks like it’ll be returning along with the key players. 

A big, blank check sits in the middle of Red Notice’s ending, with the next potential heist pretty much set up in the closing moments. How that potential angle is about to play out is even more exciting now, as whatever happens next will kick off two movies worth of story. If this ambitious plan pays off in the same way as the first movie’s release did, The Rock is gonna need some more of his special tequila to celebrate

Red Notice is currently available for streaming on Netflix, along with a wide assortment of catalog titles and original films. If you want to see what’s headed to the platform’s library of homegrown thrills, check out the 2022 Netflix film schedule for the current landscape. No treasure map or special clearances required, just a pair of eyes, and excitement for the future. 

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