Dwayne Johnson Thanked The Fans And Busted Out The Tequila After Red Notice Beat Bird Box’s Netflix Milestone

Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, and Gal Gadot walking forward together in Red Notice.
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Red Notice was always going to be a big deal for Netflix. Any movie that co-stars Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot together is going to get people’s attention, but now the action-comedy has achieved a huge milestone as it is the most watched original movie in the history of the streaming service. It’s not even close, and even Dwayne Johnson can’t believe it. 

Dwayne Johnson is breaking out the tequila to celebrate the fact that Red Notice has already become the most watched movie in Netflix history, and it’s done so in three weeks. By the time Red Notice has been out for a full month it will have set a new record that will clearly be a tough one to beat.  

And as The Rock points out in his post, Red Notice has a strong audience score as well, meaning that not only have a whole lot of people seen the movie, but the vast majority of them like it too. It seems a foregone conclusion that we’ll get a sequel now. Red Notice teased further adventures for these characters, and with responses like this, it’s hard to imagine the sequel deal isn’t being worked on as we speak. 

And Dwayne Johnson isn’t the only one thanking fans for their support for the movie. The writer, director, and producer of Red Notice, Rawson Marshall Thurber, also took to Instagram to thank the fans for their support. This movie was very much his creation, so he has to be feeling pretty good right about now. Thurber says… 

This only happens when an audience embraces a movie that they love. We made RED NOTICE to entertain the world and the reaction to it has been so deeply heartening and inspiring I honestly don’t have the words to fully express my gratitude.

And audiences have clearly embraced Red Notice in a big way. Along with his thank you, Rawson Marshall Thurber cites a number of stats regarding Red Notice’s time on Netflix. It’s been the number one movie for three straight weeks, something no other Netflix film has accomplished. In that same three week period it’s been a top 10 movie in 94 different countries, which is equally impressive. 

Also worthy of note, Red Notice is in the 98th percentile when it comes to completion rate, which indicates most people who have started watching it have actually finished it. We know that it doesn’t take much for Netflix to count a view, so those stats can be potentially skewed, but it seems that most people are actually watching, and enjoying, the whole movie.  

Without a box office number to compare, it's potentially difficult to tell what movies are massive hits and which are not, but Red Notice has certainly made a mark in the modern movie landscape. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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