Smile Streaming: How To Watch The Horror Movie Online

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In September 2022, Parker Finn’s psychological horror film Smile became one of the biggest surprises at the box office when it brought in a ton of money on a relatively small budget. The movie, which centers on a psychiatrist played by Sosie Bacon as she begins to experience one terrifying encounter after another following her patient’s suicide, quickly became one of the most-talked about horror movies of the year, and took the world by storm.

Not even two months after the release of the film and its unique viral marketing campaign, you can watch Smile streaming from the comfort of your home. Below, we will break down how you can go about watching it in a variety of ways, as well as some things you can read about the movie once you've seen it. 

Where To Watch Smile Streaming

As of Tuesday, November 15, 2022, you can watch Smile streaming on Paramount+, which is home to some of the best horror movies of all time. It doesn’t matter which type of Paramount+ subscription you have, as Smile is available on both the “Essential” and “Premium” tiers. Just keep in mind that you will have commercial breaks if you do have the ad-supported option.

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Other Ways To Watch Smile

There are some people who will surely want to check out Smile even if they don’t have a Paramount+ subscription and don’t want to add another service to their collection, for one reason or another. When Paramount Pictures announced the streaming debut of its successful horror movie, the studio also revealed that the digital release would become available on the same day it was streaming. It should be noted that there is only an option to buy the movie right now, so you will probably have to wait a little longer before a rental option becomes available.

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If you want to see one of the big 2022 fall movies on the big screen, you can still do so as of mid-November 2022, but you will probably want to see it sooner rather than later, as there are a ton of big releases that will surely push it out over Thanksgiving weekend.

If You’ve Already Watched Smile…

Even if you’ve already watched Smile and know the secrets behind its ending, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun. Before and after its release, CinemaBlend published all kinds of great content that covered essentially every facet of the psychological horror film. 

For starters, there is Sarah El-Mahmoud’s Smile review (4 out of 5 stars), in which she pointed out that despite having some formulaic tendencies, the movie didn’t hold back with its shocking horror. She wasn’t alone, as multiple critics gave the movie a passing grade for the way it handled the balance between more on-the-surface horror and metaphors throughout its runtime.

CinemaBlend also conducted an interview with director Parker Finn, in which the filmmaker talked about the success of the movie and if we will be seeing a Smile 2 at some point in the future. And this is just the beginning…

Smile is currently streaming on Paramount+, but if you’re looking for more thrills and chills in the coming weeks and months, take a look at our rundown of the all the upcoming horror movies.

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