Star Trek: Discovery’s Doug Jones Seemingly Confirms Season 5 Is Going Where He And Fans Want

Star Trek: Discovery had a stellar ending to Season 4 with a lot of fresh developments (and one huge cameo), but the season finale ended in a way that made it so viewers weren’t immediately sure where the series will head in Season 5. Fans received a brief synopsis and new picture of Michael Burnham during Star Trek Day, and now we have another new nugget of information via Doug Jones. The Captain Saru actor seemingly confirmed Season 5 is going in a direction that fans want, specifically in regards to one storyline. 

For anyone worried that Saru’s budding romance with Ni’Var President T’Rina would fizzle and fade before the beginning of Star Trek: Discovery Season 5, worry no longer. That is, provided Doug Jones is saying what it sounds like in a recent interview with Collider, in which he commented on what’s going on with Saru in T’Rina in Season 5 in broad strokes:

Change is always afoot, for the story and for the characters, individually, and Saru is included in that. My biggest concern, going into Season 5, was, ‘Will my romance with President T’Rina, my lovely Vulcan lady, still continue?’ I was happy to hear the answer, but I’ll let you figure out what that is, when you see Season 5.

Doug Jones didn’t come out and explicitly say that Saru and T’Rina are still together in Star Trek: Discovery Season 5, but it’s hard to read it any other way based on that comment. He’s clearly a fan of his character’s courtship. He’s not alone in that sentiment, as many loved seeing Saru find love with the Ni’Var leader, but given the newness of it all and how slow they were taking things, it seemed possible they wouldn’t last. 

Assuming Saru and T’Rina are still a couple in Star Trek: Discovery Season 5, it would be interesting to see just how much things progressed. Saru, of course, has his obligations to Starfleet as well as a member of the Ba’ul and Kelpian High Council. Viewers last saw him serving as Captain Michael Burnham’s First Officer aboard the Discovery, though it’s unknown if he’s off elsewhere in Season 5, back with the High Council, or even commanding his own ship once again as a Captain of Starfleet. 

The point being, Saru is juggling a lot of plates, and on top of all that, he’s dating the President of one of the Federation’s core nations. His obligations, paired with T’Rina’s, might make it hard for them to connect in Season 5 as much as fans may want. Of course, we could be pleasantly surprised and see that the two progressed much further since we last saw them. I’m hoping for the latter, though realistically, keeping my expectations low because I know there’s a bigger story to tell in Star Trek: Discovery

As for what that story is, we know that Starfleet is in search of an ancient and powerful artifact deliberately hidden away for centuries. Unfortunately, there are others outside of Starfleet that are also aware of this great power, and there’s a sense that this power could be mishandled if the wrong people find it. 

It sounds like Season 5 is going to be one big epic adventure, but perhaps there can be some moments squirreled away for romance this season? Especially since we don’t know where things stand with Michael and Book either! They seemed reconciled after Booker’s breakup and betrayal, but who knows where things will end up now that he’s off ship. 

Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 is currently filming, and will likely be available to anyone with a Paramount+ subscription sometime in 2023. There are still some other new Trek shows that will arrive before then, so be sure to check out what’s on the horizon if you’re a fan!

Mick Joest
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