Stranger Things Creators Say 'Chaos' Is Coming To Final Season 4 Episodes, But David Harbour Sounds A Bit More Optimistic

robin, nancy, and steve in the upside down in stranger things season 4 volume 2
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Folks, we are now just three weeks away from a massive pop culture event. On July 1, the 2022 Netflix TV schedule will gift us with Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2, and fans will finally be able to delight in the full glory of what this long-awaited set of episodes has to offer. While there is pretty much no doubt that the second part of the season, which features two episodes, will be just as record-breaking as the first Season 4 episodes, even viewers who’ve already made it through the Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 1 ending don’t quite know what to expect. Now, the Duffer brothers have told fans that “chaos” is coming to the last episodes, while David Harbour makes the end sound a bit more optimistic.

What Did The Duffer Brothers Say About Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2?

Anyone who completed the first part of the spooky hit has likely been filled with a number of Stranger Things Season 4 thoughts for many days now. We’re all putting together theories about everything from whether or not Will might be gay to how the Upside Down actually works, and asking nearly innumerable Stranger Things questions. Well, Matt and Ross Duffer, the show’s creators, are here to help us out, as they teased to TV Line that we’ll be in for quite a ride when Volume 2 drops:

Matt: [Volume 2] has a little bit of everything. It’s extremely emotional while also having the most action and spectacle we’ve ever had...Joe Quinn is very eloquent. He’s such a smart kid. He called it a mad symphony of chaos. I’ll borrow that. That’s what it is, especially the final episode.

Ross: We’ve been cross-cutting between these different worlds all season, but the cross-cutting just gets really rapid-fire in the finale as we’re bouncing from one world to the next.

Matt: But it’s not wall-to-wall action. That’s what I like about being able to do something long-form. The finale does very much feel like a blockbuster spectacle, but there’s also a lot of time spent dealing with our characters. Hopefully, it’s satisfying for people.

Alright, people. I know I still have several days to get ready for the Stranger Things Season 4 finale, but I do not know that I’ll be READY FOR THIS! I mean “a mad symphony of chaos” just sounds like a lot, though I do hope it blows everyone’s minds, mine included.

What Did David Harbour Say About Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2?

Every Stranger Things fan knows that David Harbour’s Jim Hopper and Winona Ryder’s Joyce Byers are basically the parents of the monster-fighting Hawkins kids (seeing as how several of their actual parents still have no idea what’s really going on). So, it makes sense that, amid Joyce and Hopper’s growing feelings for one another, that Harbour would take to Instagram with thoughts about Volume 2 that put a sweetly optimistic spotlight on Ryder and Joyce:

Awwww! Lovely, right? While David Harbour also threw in a nice callback to Stranger Things Season 3, it’s clear he feels that Joyce and her Big Mom Energy are set to be the ultimate saviors. But, I think we all know that even if that is true, it likely won’t come until the absolute last moment of the series in Stranger Things Season 5, which is set to be the final outing

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