Stranger Things’ Joseph Quinn On The Most ‘Surreal’ Things He’s Experienced While Being Part Of The Netflix Show

eddie in the cafeteria on stranger things season 4
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The fourth season of Netflix’s wildly popular series Stranger Things has come and gone, but fans are still mourning one of the newest characters. Fans quickly fell in love with Joseph Quinn’s Eddie Munson, who was introduced at the beginning of the season. Many loved his quirky personality and sheer love for rock music. Following Eddie’s final scene (which was "weird" for Quinn to film), the actor is opening up about the more "surreal" elements of his time in the Stranger Things world.

While Eddie Munson was a standout character in Vol. 1 of Stranger Things Season 4, Joseph Quinn himself has become just as beloved by fans. Since the finale, he's been discussing the finer details of his performance and what it's been like to star on the hit series. He recently spoke about Eddie's journey on Still Watching Netflix about Eddie’s journey but also talked about the wild fan experiences he's had. And it sounds like there's a certain viral TikTok clip is what really stands out for him:

The most surprising or surreal part of the fan experience… I think that video, the TikTok video. The ‘Chrissy, wake up’ remix, kind of hilarious. The fact that people will take time out of their day to kind of make art about a character that I played is such a lovely feeling..

The audio for the TikTok comes from season four's premiere, in which Eddie comes across cheerleader Chrissy Cunningham, who eventually becomes one of Vecna’s victims. Before she was put into a trance and killed by the show’s newest big bad, Eddie tried his best to get through to her and famously yelled, "Wake up, Chrissy!" It's a pretty infectious phrase that's only amplified by the remix video.

If being lampooned on social media and captured in the form of fan art doesn't prove that you've made it, then I don't know what will. However, it sounds like Joseph Quinn's true moment of validation came when he got a text from a certain co-star:

Then I got a text from Winona Ryder saying, ‘Well done,’ which was pretty great.

Winona Ryder texting you to give you props definitely sounds like a “made it” moment in my humble opinion. Despite the praise he's received, it's clear that Joseph Quinn is grateful for all the fans who have embraced Eddie and, given his talent as well as his kindness off camera, I'd say that he deserves all of the flowers he's receiving. 

Shortly after Volume 2 of Stranger Things 4 dropped, Joseph Quinn explained to CinemaBlend what he's most proud of when it comes to Eddie. He explained that he simply takes pride in having been part of such a dynamic cast. It's honestly very bittersweet knowing that Eddie Munson is no longer in the land of the living, but the character's impact and Quinn's performance will surely resonate with fans for years to come.

As you reel from Stranger Things' season finale (which was a lot), you'll want to prepare yourself for what will likely be an even more heartbreaking fifth and final season, and we already have major questions. It'll likely be a while before any big updates arrive on that front but, for now, grab yourself a Netflix subscription so that you can binge the first four seasons now.

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