Stranger Things Season 4's Finale Was A Lot, But Fans Are Taking Comfort In One Key Aspect Of It

Joe Keery as Steve Harrington in Stranger Things Season 4
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Major spoilers for Stranger Things’ Season 4 finale, “Chapter 9: The Piggyback,” lie ahead, so read at your own risk.

Volume 2 of Stranger Things Season 4 has finally arrived, and it was, to put it mildly, a lot. The final two episodes of the season delivered on the action, horror, humor and heart that’s become synonymous with the widely popular show. But as you’d imagine, the installments included a few major casualties. Amid the drama, though there is one thing that a number of viewers are now taking comfort in, and it’s the fact that Steve Harrington has once again made it to the end of a season!

You heard that right, Steve Harrington (who’s played by Joe Keery) is still alive and well. The character, like his cohorts, put up a brave fight in the war for Hawkins, Indiana, and many seem to be grateful that he’s lived to tell the tale. At least, that’s the vibe one would get after looking at a number of Twitter posts. One user celebrated with a post that almost serves as a public service announcement of sorts:

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The gang from Hawkins, Indiana found themselves in a deadly war with the treacherous Vecna, during the final two episodes. The group – consisting of Steve, Nancy, Robin, Eddie, Dustin Lucas, Max and Erica – formulated a dangerous plan in an attempt to kill the powerful being. In the end, Nancy, Robin and Steve managed to heavily wound him, after being strangled by vines from the hive mind. With the knowledge that said ordeal was the only moment in the finale in which Harrington was truly be at risk of dying, one fan used a Succession clip to sum up their feelings: 

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Fans were incredibly nervous about Steve’s fate ahead of Volume 2, and comments from the Duffer Brothers didn’t help things. During the first wave of episodes, viewers watched as the young man, who the Internet affectionately views as the “dad” of the group, put himself in danger a few times. This was especially the case in the sixth episode, during which he dove into Lover’s Lake to find a gate leading into the Upside. And when he arrived on the other side, he was attacked by bat-like creatures that nearly killed him, before he was saved by his friends. Ross Duffer did shoot down a key theory related to the bats, though it wasn’t completely comforting. So one can understand why any fan would now sleep soundly knowing that the young man is still around:

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Steve has definitely had one of the most complex story arcs in all of Stranger Things. Starting as a cocky athlete and bully, he’s since transformed into a quirky, mature and sincere father-like figure. This journey is a major reason why so many would hate to see him killed off. He’s a truly layered individual, and some would even argue that he’s the best character on the show:

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Of course, there’s still the matter of Season 5, which will close out the series. There’s still more than a firm chance that Steve could meet his demise before this gripping saga concludes. But at present, let’s just relish the fact that “The Hair” is still with us… for now. 

Those looking to stream Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. 2 will want to grab a Netflix subscription. You can also check out CinemaBlend’s list of Steve Harrington’s best moments so far.

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