The Best Christmas Movies Starring Latino And Latina Actors (And How To Watch Them)

Cameron Diaz in The Holiday.
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While there are tons of popular Christmas movies streaming right now that you could watch, there are so many out there that it can be hard to choose one. As someone who likes to look for movies that represent my culture, such as some of the best Latino and Latina movies out there, I wanted to do the same for Christmas. 

To get myself in the holiday spirit, I decided to compose this list of the best Christmas movies starring Latino actors that you can watch right now, whether that be through a streaming platform, or renting a movie for your next movie night. There are some recognizable names on here, as well as some new ones, so let’s get down to business.  

Two of the main characters in Nothing like the Holidays.

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Nothing Like The Holidays (Amazon Prime)

If you’re looking for a fun, cute Christmas movie, Nothing Like the Holidays is the one to check out. This movie is all about family and the value of it, especially to the large Puerto Rican family in Chicago that the story revolves around. However, they are soon faced with the fact that this could be their very last holiday together, due to some newly revealed secrets, creating mayhem for everyone involved. 

This cast is full of Latino and Latina actors, and they all give stellar performances. Coming from someone who has a large family as well, I can totally relate to the craziness of the holidays, and interactions with wild cousins, weird uncles, and more. But, what really makes Nothing Like the Holidays special is that it always puts family first. 

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Cameron Diaz in The Holiday.

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The Holiday (Netflix)

This is a classic Christmas movie that everyone should watch. The Holiday is all about two women, both in different countries, with pretty miserable love lives. So, they decide to switch places and live in each other’s homes during the holidays, leading to each meeting a man who could be just what they need. 

I mean, if you love Christmas movies, you gotta love The Holiday. Cameron Diaz stars alongside several other big names, like Oscar winner Kate Winslet, Jack Black, Jude Law, and more, creating not only fun dynamics for the holidays but cute romantic moments that will make you smile. It’s definitely one of my favorite romantic comedies and one that I’m sure a lot of people hold close to their hearts. 

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One of the main characters in El Camino Christmas.

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El Camino Christmas (Netflix) 

This Netflix film is certainly a trip. El Camino Christmas follows a young man who has set out on a journey to find the father he never knew. However, this ends up with him stepping into a whole world of new problems when the adventure leads him to a liquor store, and he ends up stuck there on Christmas Eve, with several strangers.

El Camino Christmas is a ton of fun. Emilio Rivera, of the Sons of Anarchy cast, as well as Jessica Alba have big roles, alongside a cast that’s filled with stars, like Luke Grimes, Tim Allen, Dax Shepard, and more. I’d say this movie is like a combination of an action movie and a family film.

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The two main characters in Enchanted Christmas.

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Enchanted Christmas (Tubi)

Enchanted Christmas is a fun movie tells the story of a young woman who loved to dance, but gave up that dream and became a project manager. However, she’s soon assigned to renovate a lodge in her hometown and when she arrives, she sees that her former lover is the star of an upcoming benefit there. Now, she has to find a way to deal with resurfacing feelings, while also staying professional. 

What makes this movie even more fun is that the two leading actors, Alexa and Carlos PenaVega, are married in real life, so it’s always so much fun to see their interactions and their chemistry knowing that they are actually together. Both have been in other Christmas movies (usually for Hallmark or Lifetime), so be sure to check them out if you like the couple in this one. 

This movie is a by-the-book feel-good holiday film, but sometimes around this time of year, that’s what you need, so why not pop some popcorn and watch? Plus, the dance moves are really cool. 

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John Cho and Danny Trejo in A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas.

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A Very Harold And Kumar Christmas (Netflix)

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas is the third in a trilogy of movies about the titular characters, with this one taking place during Christmas time. In a quest to try and prove his worth to his father-in-law, Harold and his buddy head out on a crazy adventure to find the perfect Christmas tree, but not everything goes as planned, and they end up in some pretty sticky situations. 

While neither of the two main leads are Latino or Latina, the badass himself, Danny Trejo, is in this film as Harold’s father-in-law, and a terrifying man he is at that. Paula Garces is also in this film as Harold’s wife, creating good chemistry between her and actor John Cho. You’ll be laughing your ass off watching this as I always do every year. Also, Neil Patrick Harris is ridiculous in this film, but you need to watch it yourself to understand. 

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The two main stars of Holiday in Handcuffs.

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Holiday In Handcuffs (Hulu)

You want to talk about a Christmas classic, check out Holiday in Handcuffs. This movie, starring Melissa Joan Hart, tells the story of a young woman who is a bit down on her luck working as an artist, and takes a job at a diner to pay her bills. However, when Christmas time rolls around and she has no date to bring home, she decides to kidnap one of her customers and bring him along for the ride. 

As a kid, this was one of those movies I always saw on ABC Family (now Freeform) during Christmas. Now that I've watched it, I can understand why. Mario Lopez as the leading man works in many ways (considering he’s in so many of these made-for-TV Christmas movies), and his chemistry with Hart is genuinely sweet and creates such a nice little narrative between the two of them. It’s a silly, classic love story that anyone could enjoy, combined with some zaniness about kidnapping people. Who wouldn’t want to do that during the holidays? 

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Roselyn Sanchez in An Ice Wine Christmas.

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An Ice Wine Christmas (Lifetime)

For the wine lovers out there, An Ice Wine Christmas is for you. This Lifetime movie follows a sommelier who travels to New York to take part in a Christmas wine festival in her hometown. When she finds out that her former mentor is retiring, she takes it upon herself to prove to the new wine specialist that the harvest is worth doing just once a year, and shares her passion for Christmas with him. 

Sometimes, I like to sit down and relax and have a glass of wine, and this movie is the perfect one to do that with, because it’s literally all about wine. Roselyn Sanchez stars in the lead role, creating not only a fun little movie about the beauty of wine, but the beauty of Christmas, as well and how going to festivals like these can bring people together. 

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The main man himself in Santa Claus.

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Santa Claus (Tubi)

You ever wondered what it would be like if Santa went toe to toe with the devil? Because that’s what Santa Claus focuses on. This 1959 film tells a very different story of the famous man with the sleigh, as Santa works in outer space and battles demons that were sent by Lucifer - yup, that Lucifer. The devil wants to kill Santa in order for Christmas to be cancelled and for the children to commit to sin, but Santa is having none of that. 

Guys, this movie is freaking nuts. If you want an unconventional Santa, look no further than here. This Mexican film is just a trip from beginning to end. I mean, I never thought of Santa in outer space, but he’s there and I don’t even know how to react. It’s such a strange and interesting fantasy film, but the perfect one to watch during this time of year. Maybe I’ll need a glass of wine during this one too. It’s just so crazy, and I love it. 

Stream Santa Claus on Tubi. 

One of the main stars of Feliz Christmas, Merry Navidad.

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Feliz Christmas, Merry Navidad (Pantaya)

In Feliz Christmas, Merry Navidad, we have the story of a young mother who wishes to give her son a better life during the holidays, after her husband is murdered. Once she brings him to her home country of Mexico, the little boy learns the new culture, and slowly starts to believe in the power of Christmas once more. 

Besides the grim premise, Feliz Christmas, Merry Navidad is a surprisingly wholesome film about someone learning to grow up in a new place. The actors create a beautiful story about finding the hope of Christmas no matter where you go. My favorite parts are when her son is with the other children around her neighborhood, decorating a tree, just acting as if everything would work out, and it really does. It’s a feel-good movie that anyone should watch if they wish to have a little bit more Christmas spirit. 

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Some of the main characters in The Day of the Beast.

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The Day Of The Beast (Tubi)

Lastly, we have The Day of the Beast. This Spanish horror black comedy tells the story of a priest who makes a startling discovery - somehow, the Antichrist will be born on Christmas Day. Now, it is up to him and his allies to try and stop this madness before it even begins, as he tries to use the Devil to hunt down where the child will be born. 

Look, if you consider Die Hard a Christmas movie, let’s talk about Christmas horror movies, a genre that deserves so much more credit. This is such a freaking terrifying horror movie, but what makes it even better is that it’s fully during Christmas and is mixed with that typical imagery. At the end of the day, you realize that their main goal is trying to kill the Antichrist - something you probably weren’t expecting in a Christmas movie. However, it’s still an enjoyable film and has plenty of dark jokes to keep the plot rolling, even during the scariest moments. 

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With Christmas coming, now is the perfect time to maybe check out some of these new picks, or perhaps return to some old favorites. Whatever you end up choosing from the list to watch, you’ll have a heck of a good time, with some super talented Latino and Latina actors paving the way. Personally, I think I’m going to watch space Santa again. 

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