The Boys: 12 Major Character Deaths In The Series So Far

Homelander in The Boys.
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You know what has made me gag on several occasions? The Amazon original series, The Boys. For three seasons, this show has somehow found a way to make me turn my head from the TV and shut my eyes as someone implodes, explodes, or dies in another horrific fashion - and in that world, it’s just normal. 

But, with three seasons and so many characters and so many important moments, there are bound to be some deaths that are bigger than others. From the first minutes of the pilot episode to the finale of The Boys Season 3, this show doesn’t stop giving us the craziest, biggest character deaths. And today, we’re going to talk about them. Spoilers for Season 3 if you’re not caught up yet!!

Robin and Hughie in The Boys.

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Robin Ward

Literally traumatizing. 

I remember when I first turned on this television show, I hadn’t seen the trailer or read the comics. I had seen it was on Amazon and was like, “oh, what fun, another superhero show. Let’s try it out.”

I don’t think I have screamed so hard so quickly, and that’s when I knew I was in for a wild ride. 

Robin, Hughie’s girlfriend that we meet in the very beginning of the show, seemed like a nice enough girl. However, we don’t get to know her that well, because it’s not long after that she literally explodes from A-Train accidentally running through her at full speed - leaving only the hands that Hughie was holding, while everything else is mush on the street. 

Yeah, talk about a way to start the show. 

Translucent in The Boys.

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Another death in Season 1 of The Boys that had me reeling. Translucent, a member of The Seven at the time, was a supe that we didn’t really get to know and couldn’t really peg as either good or evil - but he was certainly an interesting character with plenty of secrets that lead him to The Boys. He had this sort of indestructible skin that was impossible to penetrate. But you know what could be penetrated? His anus. 

Translucent originally was pissed at Hughie because he snuck into Vought, but now that he had seen all of their faces when the Boys captured him, they had to kill him. While he can't sustain physical damage on the outside, attacking him from the inside would work. 

That’s right. The Boys quite literally stuck an “Ass bomb” up this man’s butt because that was the only way of killing him. And while Hughie, at first, is hesitant to do it, his rage overtakes his reasoning and he ends up setting it off, getting covered in blood as he does. 

Pop Claw and A-Train in The Boys.

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Pop Claw 

I actually really felt bad for Pop Claw in The Boys. She had a damaged reputation and because of this, A-Train kept their relationship a secret. When she ended up being more of a liability for A-Train since she revealed the secrets of Compound V to The Boys, he killed her with a heroin overdose, because he didn’t want to take any risks with losing his spot in the Seven. 

It’s not the most gruesome in the show, but it certainly packs a whole lot more emotion knowing their backstory and how much Pop Claw just wanted to be with A-Train in public. It’s a super sad moment - and one that genuinely makes me feel bad for her, despite that horrid sex scene where kills her landlord by crushing his head with her thighs. 

Elisabeth Shue in The Boys

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Madelyn Stillwell

The Season 1 finale of The Boys was truly outstanding, and this death was the most shocking way a season could end. Madelyn Stillwell, who was the former VP of Vought, was killed by Homelander because she lied to him regarding the truth about Becca Butcher and his biological son, Ryan. 

She was being held hostage originally by Butcher, but when Homelander confronts her about her lies, he ends up boring into her eyes with his laser vision, killing her instantly. Madelyn was one of the only people in The Boys who could really keep Homelander from going off the rails, and since he took out that one person, Season 2 was a heck of a ride for the crazy supe - and he did some truly horrible things. 

Susan Raynor in The Boys.

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Susan Raynor

While Susan Raynor was a good ally of The Boys in Season 1, she did not last long in Season 2 - as she fell victim to the infamous “Head Popper.” Working as a deputy director for the CIA, she worked undercover with Butcher and his team, and in Season 2, she meets up with MM, Hughie, Frenchie, and Kimiko. 

But, during this meeting, as she’s talking about theories regarding the true nature of Vought, her nose begins to bleed. And then suddenly, her head explodes. No warning, no scream - just boom, dead. They are horrified at first to see this happen, and it’s later revealed at the end of Season 2 that it was Congresswoman Victoria Neuman all along, who is acting as an anti-supe, but is a supe in disguise. 

Vogelbaum in The Boys.

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Vogelbaum (And The Congress Hearing Victims)

Vogelbaum was a retired scientist that worked for Vought, and was directly involved during Becca Butcher’s pregnancy with Homelander’s child, and when he sees Butcher’s true nature, he decides to testify against The Boys in a congressional hearing. 

However, as he’s being sworn in as a witness, his head explodes - followed by several other heads all around them, blood spreading everywhere and onto everything, and oh, I’m about to throw up just thinking about it. 

It’s crazy to look back on this show and know exactly who is causing all that drama now, and this scene is just so much more haunting than it used to be. Definitely a huge moment in the show. 

Lamplighter in The Boys.

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Lamplighter was one of those supes on The Boys that we never really got to know that well, and his death came very suddenly and in a sad manner at the end of Season 2 of The Boys. He used to be a member of the Seven but was removed from the team by Vought, and instead became an orderly at Sage Grove Center, doing dastardly things for Vought. He was even a mole for Grace Mallory, which resulted in him burning her house down and killing her grandchildren. 

When he meets The Boys, it looks like he genuinely wants to take Vought down, and he shows remorse for everything that he has done in his life. But as soon as he is in the Vought building, he ends up using his own flames to kill himself by burning alive. It was sudden, quick, and just as sad as you would expect it to be. 

Becca Butcher in The Boys.

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Becca Butcher

Just when you thought Butcher was about to have an ounce of happiness, that went right out the window in the Season 2 finale. When Butcher is attempting to save Ryan and Becca from Homelander and Stormfront, this results in an all-out battle that ends with Stormfront getting the upper hand. 

Before she could kill Becca, however, Ryan’s powers kicked in and he accidentally fatally injures his mother while trying to protect her from Stormfront - also severely injuring Stormfront in the meantime. Butcher, helpless, tries to save her, but her neck is severely injured and the two say goodbye to each other before she dies. 

Stormfront in The Boys.

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While it wasn’t the most intense scene of that three-episode premiere of The Boys during Season 3, Stormfront’s death is a big catalyst as to how Homelander becomes even more unhinged. She was huge part of the story in Season 2, and once Homelander's lover and a Nazi supremacist, but Stormfront was made attacked by Ryan when he tried to save his mother, and lasered her.

Stormfront, who feels useless without her legs and has severe burns all over her body, decides to commit suicide by biting her tongue off. While we don’t see the brunt of the death, we do see the fallout that occurs with Homelander and his reaction - including pushing an innocent girl off the roof after she said she didn’t want to kill herself. 

Supersonic in The Boys.

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I genuinely really liked Supersonic, and I thought he would be a great addition to The Seven. But, this show reminded me very quickly in the fourth episode of Season 3 why you should never get too close to a character. 

When Homelander finds out from A-Train that Supersonic (Alex) told A-Train about his and Starlight’s plans to take down Homelander, the psychopath decides to kill him. After he kills Supersonic, Homelander uses this as a threat to Starlight, that if she kept planning what she was doing, Hughie would be next. 

Blue Hawk in The Boys.

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Blue Hawk

“Herogasm” was an episode that I don’t think many of us will forget after how many crazy moments happened during it, and this death scene was a huge one. During Season 3, of The Boys, we learn about Blue Hawk, a lower-level hero that has been using excessive amounts of force against African-Americans.

A-Train tries to stop him by attempting to make peace between Blue Hawk and the community he targeted by having Hawk put out a public apology, but the low-level supe becomes violently angry at the meeting, and Blue Hawk snaps, which ends with several people hurt and A-Train’s brother paralyzed. After this, A-Train finds Blue Hawk, and despite his heart problems, begins dragging him across the pavement, killing him, and then collapsing from heart failure after.

Black Noir in The Boys.

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Black Noir 

Last but not least, we have Black Noir, a character who has been shrouded in mystery since the first season of The Boys, but got a little bit of backstory in Season 3 about why he is the way that he is. However, Homelander finds out in the season finale that Black Noir knew about Soldier Boy being Homelander’s biological father.

Homelander, discovering that Noir kept secrets from him, is incredibly upset, and then in turn puts his fist through his co-worker’s stomach before leaving him to die on the floor. While the showrunner has teased that this isn’t necessarily the end of Black Noir, according to Entertainment Weekly, it’s certainly the end of this specific version of the character. 

Season 4 of The Boys is already confirmed and I’m ready for all the strange and gross stuff that’s bound to happen (as long as there’s no more bestiality, please), and that includes all the huge deaths that are bound to make me cry or scream. But, that’s The Boys for you.  

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