The Boys Season 3 Ending Explained: Major Choices Were Made

Homelander in The Boys.
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The Boys Season 3 has come to an end, and boy, that finale was filled with choices, wasn’t it? Spoilers from The Boys Season 3 finale ahead! 

From the explosive three-episode premiere (literally) to the crazy “Herogasm” episode, to everything else in-between and after, The Boys Season 3 was an excellent addition to the show and not only pushed character’s stories along, but had an ending that is truly worth talking about, further showing why it’s one of the best shows on Amazon Prime. 

If you want to talk about The Boys Season 3 ending and all the choices that have been made - which will surely affect Season 4 when it comes out - stay tuned and head on down below. 

Hughie and Butcher in The Boys.

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Hughie Chose Not To Take V24

One of the big plot points of Season 3 of The Boys was Temp V, a new temporary version of Compound V that would be temporary to anyone who takes it and was originally meant for the military, but Hughie and Butcher have taken it numerous times. 

This, in turn, led to a big argument with Annie, because Hughie way of using Temp V was so that he could feel strong enough to protect her. Annie, in turn, didn't like how he was interfering and consistently putting himself in danger, and this difference in opinion led to a big disconnect between the couple throughout the season.

When Annie discovers that Temp V can literally kill the person and she tells Butcher, he decides to leave Hughie behind - knocking him out first - before he heads to New York with Soldier Boy. 

It’s after this that he meets up with Annie, and realizes just exactly what Butcher did for him when she reveals that Temp V is fatal. While in the car with her, the two have a heart to heart, and he apologizes for going against her wishes, saying that for the longest time, he didn't know what true strength was. He brings up a story of how his father used to make pizza rolls for him after losing his mother, and how he thought at the time that was weak. But now, he realizes that was true strength. 

In the end, when he seems to be considering whether or not to take a dose of Temp V to help Annie in her fight against Soldier Boy, he decides not to take it. Instead, he chooses be there for Annie by giving her more electricity and boosting her powers, instead of taking Temp V. 

Maeve in The Boys.

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Maeve Chose To Risk Her Life And Her Powers To Save Everyone Else

Maeve was sort of absent for a good portion of this season of The Boys because she was being held deep in Vought’s tower. However, she is able to break free of custody and work with The Boys, Butcher, Annie and Soldier Boy in order to take down Homelander. 

However, the fight between Homelander quickly turned into a fight against both Homelander and Soldier Boy, and Maeve was primarily focused on Homelander. But in the end, when she realized that if Soldier Boy fired another blast of his powers and the whole building would collapse and kill thousands of innocents, she sacrificed herself. 

She dove right into Soldier Boy and took him out the window so that way, his blast exploded in the air rather than the building. And while at first, it looked as if she was killed, it’s revealed that she did survive, but her powers have been neutralized and the rest of the world believes her to be dead.  

Even so, she saved thousands of lives. And thankfully, got her happy ending. Eric Kripke, the showrunner of The Boys, confirmed they never planned on killing her, according to Collider

From the beginning, we were never going to kill her. We were always going to give her a happy ending. We're well aware of the super irritating trend of killing off queer characters, and we're dedicated to not doing that. So then it became about, 'Well, can we explore that from a meta way and play with the audience's expectation a little bit and present that big sacrifice moment that happens way too many times?

Butcher and Soldier Boy in the Boys.

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Butcher Chose To Fight Against Soldier Boy

All season, Butcher has been on Team Soldier Boy’s side since he believes he’s the key to killing Homelander, and while Soldier Boy was a great addition to this show, he wasn’t the most stable guy. And it’s in the final episode where we see Butcher wake up and realize how messed up Soldier Boy is.

Ryan, Homelander’s son, tries to save his father when Soldier Boy attempts to attack him, but Soldier Boy instead blasts Ryan away. Butcher, who has had a complicated run this whole entire season, changes sides in this moment. 

It's not only for the fact that Soldier Boy openly attack an innocent kid, but that it was Ryan, Butcher's wife's son, that he most likely still feels obligated to protect - even after what he said to Ryan in Episode 3, that he was the cause of his wife's death. 

He fights against Soldier Boy after that, putting up a decent fight with the others. However, it does seem like we might not have that much more time with Butcher, since his prognosis from the doctor after he passes out in Vought is that he has months left to live. At least he switched sides in the end - let’s hope that this means he might find a solution next season?

Black Noir in The Boys.

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Homelander Chose To Take Out Black Noir For Keeping Secrets From Him

Homelander is literally the worst and I stand by that to this day. Out of all the supes, he has done the worst things and caused harm to so many people. So it’s no surprise that he did some shocking things in the Season 3 finale of The Boys. 

A big shell-shocking reveal in Season 3 was that Soldier Boy is actually Homelander’s biological dad, and Homelander soon finds out that Black Noir knew about this information years ago. When he returns to Vought, Homelander confronts him about this - and when Black Noir confirmed he knew, Homelander gets visibly upset before he quite literally punches Black Noir’s guts out. 

It’s a shame, because Season 3 is where we actually got some legit story for Black Noir after sitting in the dark for the last few years, and learned about his background and why he is the way that he is. And now, Homelander had to go and just take him out. 

There is a twist in The Boys comics that Black Noir is actually a clone of Homelander, and fans have been speculating that maybe they’d bring back Black Noir that way. But Erik Kripke said that there’s no plans right now to do that, according to another interview from Collider. 

Maybe, look, never say never, but I love the comic, but I don't know if I'm going to do that particular twist. The twist in the comic is that Homelander didn't do any of the terrible things he thought he did, this clone of him did, who's disguised as Noir. To me, it marginalizes Homelander from his own story, so that's a tough twist to pull off. So my guess is we probably won't do it.

Looks like we'll have to say goodbye to Black Noir, guys. 

Starlight in The Boys.

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Annie Chose To Become One Of The Boys

Annie leaving Vought was certainly another huge thing that happened in Season 3 of The Boys, and at the very end of the finale, we see her officially throwing away her costume, and joining the team alongside Hughie and the rest of them. 

This is such a big win for The Boys, because Starlight recently just discovered a new power about herself, that if she has enough electricity, she can literally fly, as demonstrated by Hughie turning on all the lights to help her. With that in mind, she could be an essential part of this team, and it’s all because of that moment. I for one can’t wait to see her as part of The Boys - and see her and Hughie team up for good. 

The Deep and Ashely in The Boys.

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Honorable Mentions: Ashley, The Deep, Kimiko And Frenchie

• Ashley, the CEO of Vought, saw that camera footage of Maeve being alive, but she chose to quietly delete it rather than alerting anyone at Vought that she's actually alive. Maeve will be remembered as a hero and presumably, will be able to retire in peace. 

• The Deep chose an octopus over his wife, so there’s that. But he also chose to follow Homelander’s order to kill the Vice Presidential nominee hopeful, Lamar Bishop, by drowning him in his pool. This paves the way for Victoria Newman to take on that position - who is also a supe. 

• Toward the end of the season, Kimiko chose to have French inject her with Compound V again so that she can help in the fight against Homelander - and later Soldier Boy. Frenchie isn’t the biggest fan of the idea at first, but knows that they are family, and as long as they have each other, she’ll be okay. 

Goodness, that’s a lot to happen for a finale, and it sure was packed, but this only makes me more excited for Season 4. Let the countdown begin!

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