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The Boys: The Seven Characters Ranked From Good To Evil

The Seven

The Boys is a hilariously fun and twisted masterpiece of modern TV. In a world that is mostly dominated by superhero movies where it’s the same thing over and over again – the hero has a problem, hero beats problem, hero saves the world – The Boys is a refreshing yet bizarre look at what could happen when superheroes aren't the exact same as what people might think they are, which is what makes the TV show so good. The ability to reach into the minds of these folks that seem almost godly and notice that some of them are just like civilians – regular people who want to do good. And some of the others are just plain evil.

However, viewers might get to thinking of how different the supes in The Seven are. Obviously, we can see that they are completely different in so many ways and all have so many issues that it’s almost too hard to explain, but they’re not all bad. In fact, they’re about half and half, for many reasons, and this is the list that will look into it all and explain who in The Seven is good, and who is just plain evil. And obviously a big old spoiler alert is issued here.


Starlight - Good

My personal favorite has always been Starlight. Does that make me basic? Probably. But I can’t help that she’s a genuinely good person. Starlight comes to The Seven wanting to make a difference. Her goal in life was to be the superhero that the regular public is used to. The one that goes out and fights crime and does good, and doesn’t just do it for their own personal gain. And when she sees how the inside of Vaught works and how twisted it is, she’s understandably heartbroken and wants it to change, so much so that she teams up with The Boys in the show to take Vought down from the inside out and expose their Compound-V situation, putting her own job and life in jeopardy.

There’s no question about Starlight. She’s a good person. She does have her moments of violence, but any time that’s happened it’s always been to protect people, not for harm or for worse. She tries her hardest to portray herself as sort of the opposite of what Vought is, especially in Season 2, so it’s safe to say that Starlight is the hero the public deserves.

Queen Maeve

Queen Maeve - Good

There is probably not a single person in the world who doesn’t feel bad for Queen Maeve. At least everyone who has a standard day job has experienced what she is going through, whether it be that she’s a super or not. She’s tired. She’s been in the Vought business for a long time and want’s a break from what she has had to go through. She used to be like Starlight – wanting to make a difference in the world, but she’s burned out now. She’s tired of fighting the company and just caved in. But deep down, you can see that she’s genuinely a kind person.

Is Queen Maeve a bit twisted sometimes, too? Yes. She did leave with Homelander when he sent that plane down (which we will talk about later) but at least she tried to save some of the people on it. She wanted to see what they could do but it was too late at that point. And, near the end of Season 2, she blackmails Homelander, something she's never done before, because she wanted to a) keep Becca’s son safe from Homelander and b) keep him away from Queen Maeve’s girlfriend and let them live in peace. She’s trying to do good, and maybe by Season 3, viewers will see a little bit more of this side of her.

The Deep

The Deep – Good-ish

I’m going to be the first to say this, but I don’t think The Deep is that bad. Yeah, he’s a perv. Don’t get me wrong. What he did to Starlight should not be excused and yes, he should be paying all the repercussions that he is paying. That is sexual harassment and the usage of blackmail is terrible as well when all one is using it for is for sex. But other than that, The Deep isn't as horrible of a human as everyone thinks.

By the end of Season 2, he seems like a different man. Viewers get to see inside of his head a little bit, that he doesn’t love himself because of the gills on his body, so how can he learn to love someone else if he can’t love himself? He tries to clean up his act and his image so he can get back to The Seven, and is understandably upset when A-Train is received back and he is not. Even back in Season 1 we see that The Deep wants to change his ways and who he is by going out and saving the animals that are trapped in the Seaworld-type amusement park in the show, only for it to end in disaster. He’s trying to be good, even if he made some really bad mistakes in the beginning. And I can appreciate some growth.

Hughie after blowing up Translucent

Translucent – Meh (Good/Evil)

I had some trouble with this one. Translucent is just… so different. I can’t put my finger on it. Viewers don’t really get to know him for that long. He’s dead by the end of Episode 2 of Season 1, so they don’t really get a good look into his psyche or who he is as a person, which is why it’s so hard to categorize him as good or evil.

In terms of good, I’d say that he’s trying to look out for the company as well as his own family when he goes after Hughie once he sees the chip that he planted in The Seven’s tower. Any person who is working for a company would probably do that. But I also don’t think it’s quite good to do what he did to Hughie. As far as he knows, Hughie is a normal human being, and Translucent could have easily killed Hughie with some of those hits and throws that he did, but I personally think he was okay with that – which really is not good at all.

Again, the viewers don’t know much about this man so it’s hard to put him in a category, but I’d say he’s just meh.

Black Noir

Black Noir – Leaning Evil

This was another one I had trouble with but after some thinking, Black Noir is leaning evil for sure, for a couple of reasons.

Black Noir is one of those supes that will blindly follow orders, and viewers see that in a couple of spots. When the Female is on the loose, Black Noir is sent out to try and find her and kill her, and with how he does it so viciously, he does not waste any time in making sure his victims feel pain. When he was sent off to kill The Boys after Vought found out what they were doing, he was pretty much ready to end their lives in the most painful way possible. It if wasn’t for Queen Maeve sticking an Almond Joy in his face (because he has a peanut allergy), they would all be dead.

Black Noir also never speaks and has never seen shown face, so it’s hard to see which side of the coin he falls on, but in my eyes, he’s definitely leaning evil with how he does these kills and doesn’t protest or say anything about it.


A-Train – Evil-ish

A-Train is one of those superheroes where you want them to be good so bad but they still end up making poor decisions one way or another. Not only is he basically running an underground Compound-V operation – which in itself is a bad thing – he’s not afraid to kill the people that he cares about to make sure it still works. He straight-up murdered his girlfriend because she told someone by sticking four needles filled with the substance into her arms, causing her to have an overdose. He’s also willing to cheat to win so he can continue to be the “fastest man alive” and puts Compound-V into his body so he can win a race between him and Shockwave.

Personally, I feel that he should have been kept out of The Seven instead of The Deep near the end of Season 2, but I suppose Vought saw value in him. But after everything he’s done, I’m finding it very hard to find my own value in this speedy man. I mean, he even had his leg broken. Who’s to say he’s even going to be an effective hero anymore? Just doesn’t make sense.


Stormfront – Evil

I really don't need to explain why she’s evil. Stormfront is a literal Nazi who wants to take over the world and eliminate anyone who’s not a supe, and basically have a race of superheroes because she feels that they are better than anyone. She is willing to kill whoever she must to get that goal and will risk everything to achieve what she wants. She showed that when she practically tore an apartment building down and killed multiple people inside just to murder the Female’s brother.

Stormfront was actually the first recipient of Compound-V back in the 1940s from her husband (who was the creator of Vought). Not only that, but I’m quite positive she was okay with killing children as well, despite her attempting to be like a ‘mother’ to Homelander’s son. She’s pure evil incarnate, whether she was a she or the creators went with the original comic's gender. And I certainly didn’t feel bad when she was fried near the end of Season 2.


Homelander - Evil

Is Homelander eviler than Stormfront? Yes. So much yes. And for one reason only – he’s been in Vought for years and yet he does the same stuff she has – for longer. He is compliant in a relationship with a Nazi because he agrees with her. He wants a race of supers as well. He hates the public. He only wants to use Vought for his own gain. He has serious issues (we’re not going to talk about that relationship with the former VP of Vought) and is a dangerous man where if someone steps in his way, he will not hesitate to kill you within seconds with his eyes, or his hands, or any part of his body.

Not only that but again – the plane. He willingly let all those innocent passengers die because he knew it would pointless but didn’t even try to save them as Queen Maeve did. He flew up into the air and killed a mayor and his son because they didn’t agree with the VP of Vought. He regularly threatens his own teammates that if they undermined him, they’d be dead next. He’s just a horrible man who deserves to die, but because he’s Homelander, that’s probably not going to happen for a very long time, especially since it's been revealed that he has a son now.

While there are surely other superheroes out there that are just as twisted, these are the ones that matter the most – and will continue to make these same (or maybe different) decisions in Season 3. Who do you think is the most evil?

Alexandra Ramos

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