The Boys: 7 Major Things We Need To Talk About After The Herogasm Episode

Soldier Boy in The Boys.
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The latest episode of The Boys Season 3, “Herogasm,” has come - literally. 

Alright, dirty joke aside, “Herogasm” was certainly an episode that was filled to the brim with crazy moments. We all knew that The Boys Season 3 was going to be intense with the introduction of Soldier Boy and that Season 2 ending, but did we think it was going to get this crazy? 

Here are seven things we need to talk about with “Herogasm,” and what I hope is going to be addressed very soon. 

Major Spoilers from The Boys Season 3 up to the "Herogasm" episode ahead! 

A-Train in The Boys.

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So Is A-Train, Like… Dead?

A-Train has certainly taken a bit of a turn as a character in Season 3 of The Boys, considering he can’t really run that far anymore without overworking his heart. But, he decides to break this rule that he has instituted in his life in order to drag Blue Hawk across the pavement, in an effort to exact his revenge for paralyzing A-Train’s brother. 

While this leaves Blue Hawk looking very dead, with blood and guts everywhere on the ground, it causes A-Train to overwork his heart, and he collapses down on the ground. It’s left very unclear whether A-Train has just passed out or not. But with this show, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was his death and that his own power would be what kills him. 

It would almost be poetic in a way, considering his power has killed so many, including Hughie’s first girlfriend, Robin. And it really was one of the worst things he has done. But I have a feeling we might be seeing more of him. There are still two episodes left to the season. 

Homelander in The Boys.

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How Is Homelander Going To React To Nearly Being Defeated

Homelander is literally one of the worst human beings alive, has had some disgusting moments, including one in the three-episode premiere of Season 3, and one of the most evil supes in The Boys, but what sucks is that he’s freaking powerful as heck. 

However, he was almost beaten in “Herogasm” with the combined powers of Hughie, Soldier Boy, and Butcher, before he was able gather enough strength to break free. Homelander is already very mentally unstable, as we have seen on many occasions, but the idea of him nearly getting destroyed, that Soldier Boy almost took away his powers - that is very likely going to mess with his psyche even more. 

Soldier Boy, Hughie and Butcher in The Boys.

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What Are Hughie, Butch, And Soldier Boy Going To Do Now? 

Now that Homelander flew off to God knows where at the end of “Herogasm,” that leaves a very tired Butcher, Hughie and Soldier Boy. It looked like their plan to destroy the legendary superhero would work well... until it didn't. 

This bears the question - what are they going to do now? Surely, Homelander is most likely not going to go where they would expect him to, so what is he going to do? What are they going to do in order to kill him? 

A big thing too is that the only reason Hughie and Butcher stood a chance against Homelander was that they were taking a temporary dose of Compound V. Does that mean they’re going to continue to keep taking it until they can somehow take out Homelander? That sounds dangerous as heck. 

Antony Starr said we were going to “gorge-feed” on this season and at this point in Season 3, he's not wrong. 

Starlight in The Boys.

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Starlight Just QUIT

Definitely one of the biggest moments of “Herogasm” on The Boys is when Starlight dropped this bomb at the very end of the episode - that she quit the Seven. She exposed Vought and many of their wrongdoings before saying that she was done, quitting just like that and turning off her Instagram live a second later.

To be honest, her quitting is a huge deal. Starlight, at this point in the series, has built up such a large fanbase that she’s literally called “America’s Sweetheart,” and with that, she’ll most likely get a lot of people behind her to protest Vought, which could cause a lot of trouble down the line, not just for her but for the public as well. Talk about a mic-drop ending. 

Frenchie and Kimiko in The Boys.

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What’s Next For Kimiko And Frenchie?

Let’s be honest - these two are literally some of the purest souls in this whole series. I mean, Kimiko has her violent side but I do love her and Frenchie. Now that they were able to escape Nina, the two of them seem completely lost as to what to do next. 

This whole season has been very separate for the actual team of The Boys, where Hughie and Butcher have gone on this suicide mission to kill Homelander with Soldier Boy, and MM is trying to stop Butcher - and kill Soldier Boy. Frenchie and Kimiko are just sort of there and trying to survive after Kimiko was seriously injured by Soldier Boy. Now, it’s up to them where they’re going to go next - whether that be back to The Boys or somewhere else together.

Starlight and Hughie in The Boys.

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Annie And Hughie Are NOT In A Good Place

It’s such a shame that these two are not working out right now because I really do like Hughie and Annie (Starlight) in The Boys. But they are just not in a good place, whatsoever. Hughie is adamant on using Compound V in order to stop Homelander and Annie is so upset about that, saying that she knows it could get Hughie killed. 

But these fights that the couple have had only escalated over the last few episodes and culminated in a naked debacle in the middle of the street after Hughie teleported Annie out of the house before she could get hurt in the fight. It leaves them in a not so great place, and I have a feeling it’s only going to get worse. 

MM and Butcher in The Boys.

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Also Not In A Good Place: MM And Butcher

These two have always had a very complicated relationship in The Boys, even from the first moments that we meet Mother’s Milk, otherwise known as MM, but their strange partnership comes to a climax in Season 3, especially during “Herogasm,” where Butcher blatantly says that MM can’t have his revenge on Soldier Boy, because it conflicts  with his own need to kill Homelander.

It’s like the ultimate betrayal after everything they had been through together, and now, I really don’t think that these two are going to just magically become best friends again after all they have gone through. From the fights they had to the ending, it’s just a mess - and it seems like it’ll be a long time before these two are in a good place again. 

There are only two episodes left of The Boys Season 3 before it comes to an end as part of the 2022 TV schedule, and then we’re going to have to wait for God knows how long for Season 4. But hopefully, some of these questions and cliffhangers will be addressed before this season comes to a close. 

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